Best Day Ever!

Some may say that the new year is the time for a fresh start, a new beginning, new plans. But for anyone with children, this time of year is the new beginning. Backpacks, pencils, new lunch boxes, new hopes, new goals…oh, and a quiet house! I think this is the first year that I have not been anxious for the kids to go to school. Last year was so crazy, with the move, and the construction, and the pool being built, that I could not wait to just have PEACE. But today, as the kids walked to the bus stop, I felt sad. I swear, it seems I just hurdled the water balloons at them for their last day of school celebration. And between trips, and summer beach days, and a whole ton of rain, the summer just flew by.

But, even though I am sad, there is something to be said for new beginnings. For new teachers, and new challenges, and new friendships. I try to explain to them how fast this time flies, and to enjoy just being kids- a point that I think is lost on them, as it is all kids. It seems I blink, and ash has gone from crawling around the house, to shaving her legs, and hay lee has gone from her little water wings in the pool, to swimming year round! I tell parents how painful some of these stages can be…and trust me, they are. But there is something about these two being on the cusp of great things that makes me so proud. Its not an easy job, by any sense of the words, but as I tucked them in last night, for one last time in summer, I am reminded that new challenges and changes are what makes life worth living.

Congrats to the two sweetest craziest, most amazing girls in my world! I hope your first day of 1st grade, and fifth grade are perfect!

Ash is ricking her braces, and Haylee is rocking her missing two FRONT TEETH!

I love that toothless smile!

10 going on 17….


and my favorite part…the back to school supplies…makes me want to organize SOMETHING!


Happy First day to all my wonderful friends, and clients! Welcome to the magic of fall!

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  1. Mark says:

    Love it! Getting so big!

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