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Senior Guy Experience

Because senior guys need photos too

It's not just about the girls at KHP! whether you are an upcoming senior guy, or a senior guy momma, we know how important these photos are to you and we strive to document this awesome time in your life!

Senior photos are a huge part of your year, and should be anything but basic. Want to include your sport? your car? your fave pet? we've got you! We want not only great photos, but a great experience!

We want your experience to be hassle free, and fun... so browse this page. Learn about or senior experience, what makes us different, and how we can make this experience perfect for YOU

Pre- Session Preparation

We'll guide you every step of the way

"What the heck should I wear?" "What if I have a huge blemish the day of my session?" "What do I need to bring?" "Do brown shoes go with a black belt?"

All of these questions are answered inside our detailed Guy's Session Prep Guide which you will receive upon booking your session with us!

What to wear guide

Grooming and styling tips

client FAQ's  & session guidance

Session Day Experience

It's way more fun thank you think, we promise

I know, taking pictures isn't on the top of most seniors guys wish list- but I promise, it's way better than you think! We always end up having a blast, and the guys usually end up telling me how much they loved it. We keep it fun, light, and make it fly by with lots of laughs {I am hilarious}, poses and locations that highlight YOU, and some cool night images too 

Natural posing

cool movement, action & lighting

Revolutionary photos
that are true to you

Post- Session Process

From editing to products, we're here to help!

From your editing {natural and bright} to your products, we are here to guide you and make this easy. Whether you need digitals, wall art, or an album, we help you design and create the perfect items for you!

After the session images are ready, we will meet to go through all the options so you never feel confused and overwhelmed. 

heirloom products

Custom design

natural editing

How we get you ready


A detailed guide of what to wear, and how to plan your styled outfits so that you don't have to stress and still look your best! Tips on colors, fit, cut and where to shop.


Everyone wants to look great in photos, so this is your detailed guide on all things skin and hair, so you look your best... and you mom won't have to yell. 


EIt's important to us that this session is 100% you, so we start with a detailed questionnaire that highlights your activities and who you are. Then we will meet to discuss your outfits, and your locations so that it all flows together seamlessly!

We keep it simple so you can focus on the best part -SENIOR YEAR!

Let's Chat

"... All he could say was how much fun he had...he was so relaxed, and so was I!"

Ty's mom

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Everything exceeded my expectations given a disinterested 18yo boy. You made him feel perfect just as himself and found ways to incorporate the essence of his individuality in a creative way that only a true artist can do. I loved feeling like you knew exactly how to get what we wanted when even we didn't know what that was.  I was nervous about how it would go (more than I would like to admit) but within the first 20 min was at ease and confident we were capturing this pivotal phase in his life. Even better than that, having a son who pays precious little attention to wardrobe and doesn't like posing for pictures seemed to enjoy it as well.  

Everything exceeded my expectations

-Luke's Mom

her vivacious personality set my son at ease

Kelly met us bright and early, and we hit the ground running! Her vivacious personality instantly set my son at ease, and she knew just how to get him in model mode. We hit a variety of locations- some fun, some formal. Kelly had great ideas for locations. A very fun day, easy and a lot less stressful than I had anticipated! 

-John's Mom

We felt very prepared

She made Ashton feel so comfortable while taking photos and it was the best part. A lot of boys feel like taking photos in general are a chore but Ashton had a ton of fun and could not wait to see the images. My son and I both felt very prepared, we received a lot of help on what outfits to choose, and location was discussed in great detail. 

-Ashton's Mom


I can't recommend KelleEn enough for Senior Photos! I think one of the most important things is the prep beforehand that she guides you through and sets everything up for success. Time invested in conversations so that we had a shared vision/goal and confidence that the few must haves were going to be captured allowed me to relax and not have to be in the driver's seat and just watch and assist. We arrived and Kelly surveyed the options, broke out her equipment like Inspector Gadget and went straight to work with lots of laughs and fun mixed in. Watching my senior follow instructions we breezed through it all easily stopping only to squirt a little bug spray and taking in the beautiful sky. I can't wait to see the memories that she captured for us! If you are on the fence, just jump!

-Eric's Mom

Don't worry, we got you!

I get it, most guys come to the session with a little bit of dread {well, sometimes a lot}. but trust me, when I tell you, it won't last! Once we get started, they actually have a lot of fun, especially when they are focused on the parts that they are excited about. We will plan it, make it easy, and most of all, make it enjoyable. So you get amazing photos of your son, and he has a great experience for his senior year!

After 17 years, we know how to make them laugh!

What Makes Us Different

And he might actually have a great time! We make the process easy by giving you loads of prep documents so that you can get him on board, get your outfits and get it done. We get to know the senior so we include the things that make it special, and make it fun. 
For moms, this is priceless. It's a special time for that senior guy, and quite possibly the only time you will get photos of just HIM! Let us help you make it easy, and authentic!

We promise, he won't hate you

ready to get started?

Let's Do This.

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