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December 3, 2010

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The non-profit organization Tiny Sparrow contacted me a few weeks ago about doing a session for a family in Georgia.  Tiny Sparrow is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing lasting memories through the art of photography to families whose children are facing life threatening illnesses.  And if you ask me, its a pretty amazing thing! I met up with the Patrick family before Thanksgiving to shoot a family session for them and Nick. Nick has PNET brain Cancer and they have just found 2 new brain tumors.  Take a moment and think about what this family goes through everyday.  I cant even fathom the strength that you need as a mom or dad, or as a sister, or as teenager! Nick had nothing but smiles on his face, even as he slowly walked with weakness during our session. I know there must be days that he feels frustrated and angry and alone…but in the hour I spent with him he was none of those things. He was a funny, articulate, and polite, the perfect young man.  Shooting this session before thanksgiving made me think…as a parent how can you not. I dont know how, as a mom, Tabitha does it.  She is so grateful and thankful and appreciative of the care Nick gets, of the time she has with him, for all the small everyday things.  This time of year it seems we are all focused on the BIG- vacations, presents, the perfect meal, etc. This reminded me that life is about so much more than that- the everyday hugs, the snuggles, the ruffle of your child’s hair before sleep, studying with them, laughing over a silly joke. Tabitha reminded me that there is so much joy in those small moments. You can read Nicks story here. He is an amazingly brave child!  Thank you to the Patrick family for allowing me to capture Nick and all of you together, and to Tiny Sparrow for contacting me- what an unbelievable honor!

  1. Andi Diamond says:

    What a beautiful session, Ke1! So proud of you!

  2. Catherine Runyan says:

    These are beautiful, Kelly. What a gift to them, for you, and for those who have read this entry. xo

  3. Gail Whitfield says:

    Thank you so much for giving this priceless gift to my family. Your time and thoughtfulness will never be forgotten.

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