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January 11, 2011

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I have had this on my things to do list for months…maybe even a year  now, and am finally getting around to adding this to my blog. Oh, internet world, if only you could see my TO DO list! Mark says I should organize it better…I guess I can add that to my to do list as well!

I am a big believer in sharing an experience. There are so many things we all do everyday and getting a review or an opinion from someone can make that so much easier. For example, I need to get to sephora and get a new eye makeup brush….and I will spend an hour just staring at all the choices there not having a CLUE of which would meet my needs.  I end up hitting style magazine or some other place to find a suggestion. So, voila, Sweets and Sours was born.  Hopefully each week, I will be able to add something enlightening to your blog reading endeavor {or facebook, or twitter} and maybe, something I post about will be something you need or at least make you not feel so alone in this big crazy internet world. So onto this weeks Sweet & Sours…

This weeks SOURS are…

* laundry- I know I should be happy I loive in a city where I have one in my house {a la NYC} and happy that I live in a country that has running water to do laundry- but seriously, kiddos, can you wear less? Can someone not create a folding laundry machine? now that there is a SWEET!

* Iphone 4- I am probably the BIGGEST apple supporter EVER- except for this phone! If my chubby cheeks get near the thing I hang up on EVERY ONE! If I have to say “I’m sorry, thats my iphone” one more time, I may have to toss it in the toilet!

* Cs5- if you dont own it, dont buy it! It is the most unstable piece of you know what-EVER! Please Adobe, do something before I toss my computer out a window!

This weeks SWEETS are…

* The Nook- don’t have one? don’t need one? Oh, how sadly mistaken you are! The greatest invention of our generation, I am sure of it! For an instantaneous gratification girl, this is HEAVEN!

Vosges Chocolates-Yummm! Yumm! Yummm! I am saying this for all you planners out there who realize Valentine’s day is a little more than a month a way- SERIOUSLY the best chocolate on earth! If you have never tried, YOU MUST! {the truffles are TDF but you can get the some of the candy bars at The Fresh Market.

* Ordinary People- who do extraordinary things. If you have turned on the TV this week, you cant have missed what happened in Arizona. And while it is beyond awful, and tragic, the heroes that have come from the event are AMAZING! And even more amazing is their humbleness in all the interviews. How many of us when faced with such tragedy would react with such bravery? It makes my heart sing!

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