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Welcome to our new friday FUN! Fluffy Friday! Fluffy Friday is all about the FLUFF of my life, things that have NOTHING to do with my business, but things I want to talk about, or share with you, or get off my chest. I spend a lot of time on Pinterest, I have a feeling a lot will come from those trials and {tribulations} successes!

So, they say the first step to solving your addiction is admitting you have a problem, so here I am. Internet World, I have an addiction… to food… all kinds of food. Good for your foods, bad for you foods, Sweets, salties, you name it, and I love it. Pair it with a fabulous glass of wine {French Rose is my current fave} and I am in heaven- literally! This addiction wouldnt be so bad…but it seems its making my pants too small! OH the frustration!

If you follow me on facebook, or the blog, you know Mark and I just returned from Paris, and that has only fed my addiction. All the yummys Mark and I had while we there, are now being replicated in my kitchen. And those French, well they use some butter…and some bread!

Some of the recent Faves…

Filet with Bernaise- yeah, its as decadent as it sounds. Paired with a glass of bubbly, it was tres magnifique! {recipes from Barefoot Contessa}
Pure Sugar Studios_Wedding Photography_Riebault Club_Fort george Wedding Photography__0100.jpg

As if this needs a tagline- Maple Street Biscuit. Oh DEAR GOD! If you have not been- I highly suggest you go…NOW! Drop everything and RUN!
Pure Sugar Studios_Wedding Photography_Riebault Club_Fort george Wedding Photography__0101.jpg

Fried Green Tomato Salad and Croque Madame- divine….
Pure Sugar Studios_Wedding Photography_Riebault Club_Fort george Wedding Photography__0102.jpg

Back to school cake, and pastries in France. If I could duplicate the latter I would…and then BATHE in it!
Pure Sugar Studios_Wedding Photography_Riebault Club_Fort george Wedding Photography__0103.jpg

macarons and Goat cheese salad- Both is Paris. I wish I could find macarons like this here, I am on the hunt. I am going to attempt my own once the humidity drops, stay tuned for the disaster!
Pure Sugar Studios_Wedding Photography_Riebault Club_Fort george Wedding Photography__0104.jpg

As you can see, there is no shortage of rich food- and thats how we get to FLUFFY, because thats what I am getting! Fortunately, a lot of days its just a salad, but then I seem to feel like something is missing in my day. So maybe fluffy is not so bad, maybe it means I am happy, and FULL and yeah it may mean my arteries are clogged…

Sigh… off to the Foody addiction meeting, hosted at Dunkin Doughnuts…with a chicken salad sandwhich…I give up!

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