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I give this couple major kudos! So many of us, couples especially, forgo on custom photography, except for “highlight” moments.  Wedding, new babies, holidays- all the BIG moments in our lives we get photographed.  But what about the rest of it? You know, the special way that only HE can look at you? The wonderful way that SHE holds your hand.  Its all the things that make everyday worth getting up for.  I dont know about you, but Mark and I have so few pictures of us TOGETHER! This Christmas, one of our family members gave us a picture that was framed from John and Paige’s wedding.  Now, as most of you know, I was the photographer, so not many pictures of me exist from that night.  But, about 3 hours into the celebration with a rose in my hair, Kimberly captured mark and I in the same image! I promptly put that on our dresser! The last picture of the two of us together {besides the ones where we hold the camera together out from our faces- and capture about 1/3 of us} is from our wedding! So, on the list for 2009? Get some photographs of mark and I TOGETHER- Stacy I am coming your way!

WHEW! So, back to Gena and Mike…this ADORABLE couple decided they were in need of some more recent images…just because! Well, I have to say, the two were wonderful.  They reminded me so much of Mark and I- she is very outspoken, she just radiates LIFE.  Mike is a little more quiet, with a wonderful sense of humor.  But more than that, these two had so much love for each other.  The way that she looked at him, well, it just made my insides melt.  And the way he would hold her, ahh, its the stuff that sappy hallmark moments are made of- and this sappy girl LOVES IT! And whats even more amazing is that these two do it, and they rarely see each other! Mike was on his way to the west coast for a Huge project for a month! Ahh, aint love grand?!?

I hope you two are having a wonderful week and I hope you enjoy your sneak peak!


How cute is she??



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  1. Andi Diamond says:

    These are beautiful, Kel! I am sure your clients will love them. Your really captured raw emotion! Wonderful!
    🙂 Andi

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