{The one} where I get “smart”

I am a little slow today..ok, so little may be a MAJOR exaggeration.  I am in serious recovery mode.  I know, I have 4 kids and one of them is a two year old, I run my own business …what could I possibly have done this weekend that is tougher than all that??? I want to a PPA SMS seminar.  I know, I am speaking another language…so let me back up.  PPA stands for Professional Photographers Association, and its the “governing” body of portrait photographers.  Its who goes to capital hill to fight for our health insurance rights, its who puts on oodles of learning seminars and meetings- and one of them is called SMS run by the UBER fantastic Ann Monteith- and its something that gives you a whole new meaning into the realm of accounting and your own numbers! Now, I love you people like my own family, so I wont subject you to the love that is accounting- or should I say managerial accounting- but suffice it to say- I am overwhlmed with the amount of info I took in this weekend! 18 hours of numbers, and programs and marketing. So, as you can imagine, new stuff is coming your way- a little bit of fun at a time- but I am excited about it, and I think you guys will be too!

Anyways, I met up with some of my wonderful photog friends while I was there- and lets just say, that alone was worth the trip! Now, two of them Andi Diamond Bennett and Edie Black were with me at the PPA conference last year that I went to in January so seeing them was WONDERFUL! Of course, I got to make new friends too, and Christine Ryan was IT! Andi is one of my best friends from college so seeing her is always entertaining.  Edie and I hit it off last year, but nothing like we did this year! Hey, when you share a queen bed with another person, you learn ALOT about them! Like, she likes a sound machine as much as me, but that Andi and Christine HATE them.  By the way guys, it was a “rainfoest” in the room- just my iphone! And you learn that the one who gripes the most about the sound machine {yes Andi, I mean you } can fall asleep when 3 other LOUD women are talking.  I also learned that when you put 4 social women in one room- you dont get much sleep! So between the ALL day classes, and the networking, and the late night chats with my girls- I am BEAT! Of course, I know Mark, who had all 3 kids this wekend and did oodles of yard work feels the same way! So, thanks mark for my weekend! I am not sure if I am better for it, but I sure am smarter- and you always tell me “knowing is half the battle”.

And to my girls- we sure did grow this weekend! I know it was a tough one- and I am not sure i have enough caffeine or chocolate in my house to fix me! But we know what Bokeh is, and a PUFA, and we know how to add subract and multiply and “WE WILL KNOW THE NUMBERS” said in my best Ann voice! I miss you all! Andi- I have to tell, doing this with you has made the journey all the better! I know I would NOT be where I am without you! Edie- I plan to keep us ADD and OCD free! Now, FA and go get a BLOG! Christine- WAKE UP! I know you are still asleep! Go get yoruself a coke, and BLOG! I love you guys, and have a great time! HOLLA!!!

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  1. Edie Black says:

    Hey! Glad to see you made it home safely! I was nearly run over on the interstate after I dropped you guys off. But I made it in one piece. I was hating Christine this morning when my alarm went off knowing she was sleeping soundly (but probably snoring) in her bed and probably had 5 more hours of sleep ahead of her. I had a great time and I’m so glad I went. Can’t wait for Imaging next year in Nashville. You all have to come!
    Now I’m going to check out FA and look into Lightroom!!

  2. Andi Diamond says:

    HILARIOUS! and all so true! What a great weekend. Now it is time to get to the grind! We can all do it- I know we can! xoxox

  3. I had a really great time this weekend and I am so glad that we had a chance to meet. Can’t wait till the next get together…… PUFA’s ROCK!!!!

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