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My mom always reminds me about my first real day of school, the day I entered first grade at Norfolk Academy. Apparently, I was NOT happy about leaving John behind, he of course, was still in kindergarten, and would not be with me on my first day. So, my mom took me. I dont remember much about that day, I am sure there was a nice drive, filled with chatter about anticipation, what I would learn, what yummies were in my brand new lunch box. Then, I am sure mom parked the car, opened my car door, and then led me across the big, grassy common area, towards my new class room…and I guess thats where it got UGLY. I started kicking and screaming- I was NOT going into that place! Through eyes filled with tears, I watched my mom walk away, and leave me! I mean, she actually left me!  How could she???

Well, it seems ash and I are very different. This morning, I watched my little kindergartener get on the GIANT {when did that bus get so big} yellow bus, she did not even turn around! She smiled at the bus driver, and climbed right on! I was so PROUD! No tears, no whines, just a big brave 5 year old! Well, some tears, but they were in my eyes! Of course, Haylee wanted to climb on there too! For some reason, the bus driver would not take her! So, Ash, I want you to know how proud I am of you, and I hope that the next 13 years of school are as easy and as wonderful as today!

OH! and the heart on her hand…if you have seen the wal-mart commercial where the mom sends her daughter off for the first day of school, she puts a heart on her daughter’s hand for her to look at all day. Ash saw the commercial and decided she needed a heart too! I hope it makes it on her palm all day! LOL

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  1. Caitlin says:

    I love this blog about Ashleigh! I never really get to see you guys THAT often anymore. Hope all is well!

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