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February 25, 2010

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Something must be in the water…and if thats the case, I am not drinking any! The studio has been filled with expectant parents lately!  Its so cute to see them all excited and anticipating the birth of thier little ones.  This couple was no different- so anxious and so happy! The birth of any child is amazing- but when its your first, I think the excitement is on overload! It probably has something to do with that fear of the unknown too. Of course, all my new moms are afraid of the labor part- HA! Thats the easiest part! And trust me, in a few months, you will forget all that! Its the raising them part thats scary! I am afraid every little minute decision I make means the difference between raising the next US President or Ax murderer! No pressure though…

This father-to-be is so excited, and so smitten with his beautiful wife- although, who can blame him! She looks pretty amazing for nine months pregnant! I think he ooed and ahhd over her through the whole session! He even requested the kissing the belly shot {because he does it every day at home}- that of course led to the “listening glass” shot.  I wonder if he heard anything??  I just love watching new parents! Having a baby changes so much about your relationship and your life- the more you enjoy the ride, the better that ride is! Congrats you two- I cant wait to meet your new baby! I wonder if its a boy or a girl… 😉

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  1. Steph Miller says:

    Hey girl! Love, love, love the sneak peek! We can’t WAIT to see more…much like we can’t WAIT to meet this baby!!!!! Thank you for capturing our excitement, we had such a great time…

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