{The one} with the sandwich…Bresch + Justin

I swear, if you guys knew how hard I thought about some of these titles, you would fall over! I know, this one seems really odd, right? Well apparently, Bresch is a bit of a health food nut, and Justin, well he likes a good ol’ PB+J. I think I am on the Justin bandwagon! I know if I outlawed PB+J in my house, Haylee would go hungry! Well, Bresch tries to keep Justin on the straight and narrow and away from all things “junky”. So, its a little joke between the two of them when he sneaks these and eats them. Hence…the sandwich and the title. Ok, admit those two slices of bread with the peanut butter and jelly oozing out looks pretty tasty!

We had a great time wondering around San Marco and downtown, and got some fabulous shots! These two were so cute together- obviously VERY smitten with each other! Justin is the serious one, and Bresch, well she is one of the happiest, most charming women I have ever met! Ok, and she loves to giggle! I can relate to the giggle feeling! These two will be eloping next month and tying the knot on a wonderfully fabulous island in the Caribbean. Yes, needless to say, I am very jealous. But, its fits there personalities perfectly!

Congratulations you two! I hope you enjoy your sneak peak!

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  1. Susan Hall says:

    These are great Photos Kelly! Our family has a shoot with you tomorrow. I can’t wait to see how they turn out.

    Bresch is indeed, one charming and happy young woman. She and Justin make a great couple!

  2. Michelle Kilday says:

    Great photos! I love them. Can’t wait for us to get ours.

  3. Cheryl says:

    These photos are amazing.. I can’t wait to see the rest.. Bresch you look beautiful! Love you guys!

  4. Maghen Smith says:

    These are AMAZING!!!! I am soooo happy for Bresch $ Justin. Lots of love to you both!!

    Maghen & Josh

  5. Samantha says:

    Breash yours and Justin’s Pictures turnd out Amazing! The 5th pic down with your hands on the fence is my favorite. I wish you too the Best!

  6. Kristine & Ronnie says:

    Awesome photos! We are so happy for you guys!! Congratulations! Love you both!!

  7. Erika Douglas says:

    Beautiful pictures! Yay Bresch & Justin!

  8. Ashley Walker says:

    Wow! Those are amazing!!! Congrats again girl!!!

  9. Erica Kausler says:

    Oh wow!! Those are awesome!! I can’t wait to see the rest!! You guys look amazing, as always!!

  10. Leslie Vaughan says:

    OMG…. These pictures are amazing!!! U both look awesome!

  11. Sherri says:

    Great Pictures Bresch! I can’t wait to see wedding pics!

  12. Janeen LaFon Kilday says:

    You have such a marvelous gift ,Kelly.
    While I am quite bias as to how I feel about
    your subjects-Bresch is my daughter,and Justin
    is my new son–your treatment of them is very EXCITING!!!!


    WOW. These pics are gourgeous!! Congrats to both of you.

  14. Darlene Dunihue says:

    the pitcures are awesome and the title is a good one! Looks to have him eating out of her hands as the saying goes. Best Wishes and good luck on the big day.
    Thanks for sharing w/ your bayless family, Darlene

  15. Jessica Graves West says:

    Is that PB&J? They all show how much you mean to each other. Trying to pick a favorite is impossible…

  16. Brenna says:

    Awesome pics Bresch!!! Can’t wait to see more!!

  17. Sean Vick says:

    Stunning pictures! You both look so happy!

  18. Carrie Weinert says:

    The pictures are gorgeous! Good luck!

  19. Elizabeth Mills says:


  20. Jamie Jarman says:

    Awesome pictures Kelly! Bresch looks like a professional model! Her Hottie Husband too! I cant wait to see the rest of them!

  21. admin says:

    Thanks guys! It was such a fun session, and an AWESOME couple!! How could I go wrong??!

  22. Summer Holand says:

    Those are some of the most perfect pictures I have seen! Bresch, Justin you both look absolutely GREAT! I love them! 🙂 Kelly AWESOME Job girl!

  23. kristen venird says:

    Kudo’s as usual! Come on . . . can you take a bad picture? We just have some of the best looking friends between J&S and B&J! I am so jealous, I want to sneak off to their wedding. -K

  24. Becky Janes says:

    Great pictures! Can’t wait to see the rest of them. Miss you guys.

  25. Patty (Graves) Willams says:

    Wow! You are beautiful and the pics are great. You need to come see me one day, just as Jess she can tell you where we are.

  26. Diane says:

    They are amazing


  27. aaron says:

    Hey Guys, I’m so stoked 4 You 2! And U’ve gotta be the hottest couple of the year! God bless.

  28. Jessica says:

    HOTTIES! These pics look great…you both look SO happy!! 🙂

  29. Pamela says:

    Bresch, I love these pics! You two are a hot couple! We wish you the best!

  30. Shelly says:

    Bresch and Justin you both look great.Photos turned out very nice and unique. I am very excited and happy for you both. Congrats!!!!

  31. Pam Jarman says:

    WOW! These are great! and so unique! Bresch is so photogenic!

  32. mayer kilday says:

    Heys guys, the pics look awesome!!

  33. Bresch Kilday says:

    Great photos of Bresch and Justin. What a handsome couple.

  34. Beverly McCarthy says:

    Thought the pictures of Justin and Bresch were innovative and very well done.

  35. BRESCH KILDAY says:

    Thank you all for the compliments!! We had such a great time with Kelly at our shoot! We’re looking forward to St. Thomas – leaving 11.18 and get married at 2.00 PM on 11.20, raise a glass for us then!

  36. Ann Silke says:

    Great Photos of Bresch and Justin! What a handsome couple.

  37. Brittany Dixon says:

    I absolutely love…love the pictures. They are so Bresch and Justin, especially the PB&J. Too cute!!! I can’t wait to see all of the other pictures. Congrats to Bresch and Justin. Love you guys!!!

  38. Valerie McCarthy says:

    great photos – love the shoes w/ the black dress!! – have a wonderful time in St. Thomas

  39. Kim DeSue says:

    wow…the photos are awesome. I especially love the ones with the red doors in the background!

  40. Kelly Metzger says:

    I admire all of the shots, but I think my two favorites were:
    1) The photograph of Bresch and Justin standing a distance from each other but looking at each other. Told a great story!
    2) The photograph of the couple kissing in front of the mural.

    I hope that the families will have a chance to snag one of these!

  41. Satese says:

    I love the pics they are beautiful!!! I’m w/ Kelly I love the pic w/ them stading in the distance…But I would have to say knowing a little about the couple and just how much of a healt buff Bresch is my very personal fav is the PB&J!!! Especially b/c it’s on WHITE bread and not whole grain of anything else BK likes to eat!!! Great pics, guys you know you have my prayers and best wishes! Can’t wait for the rest of the pics!

  42. Andi Diamond says:

    What an awesome session! So cool! Love it!

  43. Cindy says:

    I love these pictures! Bresch you’re beautiful!!

  44. will spanbock says:

    love the shots…you two look great!!

  45. Dana Bascelli says:

    Those are great pictures…you two make Jacksonville look like a cool place to be! Congrats!

  46. Brooke Hourscht says:

    You guys look awesome!!! The pics came out great. Can’t wait to see more. Justin I love the tat! I Love you guys and miss you, can’t wait to see you. I don’t think you will have a problem with getting 12 comments!:)
    Big Sis

  47. Jane Metzger says:

    Hard to believe that is my baby “Son” looking so good!!!!!! Bresch, beautiful pictures, what gorgeous grandkids I’ll get!!!! Can’t wait to see the rest of the pictures. Wish we could be THERE!!!!!! Love MOM

  48. Melissa Linville says:

    You both look so amazing! I am so happy for you both. Love you guys!

  49. B McCarthy says:

    Love the pictures of Bresch and Justin The one of them back to back is great – Justin actually has a bit of a smile, and he rarely smiles in pictures! They are a great match, and we wish them all the happiness in the world.

  50. Marsha Minton says:

    Oh Bresch…these pictures took my breath away! You are such a beautiful young lady, inside and out, and your light shines through in these pictures! What an exciting time in your life and what a great way to share the memories with everyone! Our family loves you so much and wishes you a perfect wedding day!

  51. Joanna Voigt says:

    The pictures look great. Congratulations! You look beautiful Bresch.

  52. Nicole DeLoreto says:

    So beautiful! Have a blast on your wedding-moon! Destination weddings are the best…kick back, relax and let them do all of the work. All you should do is show up and be the beautiful bride I know you will be! Have fun and cherish it! XOXO

  53. Jennifer says:

    Bresch, Bresch, Bresch, Bresch… you and Justin look GREAT!!! I am so glad that you are so happy! 🙂

  54. Katie Carlisle says:

    Great Pictures! You guys look awesome!

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