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Has anyone else noticed the “cool” in the air. Perhaps its just the lack of humidity in our Southern neck of the woods, but either way, it has me thinking fall, and pumpkins, and all things cozy. Does that happen to anyone else out there? I know I wont use my fireplace till maybe January, and even then only because we sleep with the windows open. But I find that with the days getting shorter, and the pumpkins gracing the front porches, I am feeling all “chilly’. It makes me want to grab some Uggs, and a scarf, and venture into parts unknown to explore my city. So, that leads me to this weeks Fluffy Friday  {can you feel the excitement}

What to wear, and Where to go…

Since my jeans have only begin to peak out of my overstuffed summer closet, I am going to virtually dress myself, and I have to say, I am pretty excited about it! I might even stick myself in a size 2, just bc its a virtual me, and I can! Then I am going to make a list of things I would do, if I didnt have a million things to do!  I am super excited about this fluffy post, its almost like a mini vacation away…
And where I would go-
1) I would grab the kids, and the Hubs, and enjoy a fabulous Lunch at  BB’s {have you had their fig salad} and then head to the Modern Museum of Art. I have NEVER been! How sad is that…
2) I would also like to go to St. Simons Island and just wander around…I have never done that either!
And since we are here, and using pinterest and Polyvore, I am going to just break it down. The BIGGEST TIME WASTERS….EVER! Can I get an “amen”! I will find that I have wasted an hour in fantasy fashion land {because I am going to go buy that $2000 outfit I just designed} and cant even remember how I got there. I think I may have to start a pinerest support group…and from the looks of it, it would be super popular. We could all get together and “ooh” and “ahh” over our make believe houses and closets, while cooking recipes that look nothing like their “pinternet” counterparts….


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