I believe that revolutionary and beautiful photography can empower us to be more confident and authentic and can tell our story for generations to come. 


THE GOAL is very simple.
I'm here to help you have incredible PHOTOS that tell your authentic STORY.

and have a load of fun while doing it!  I believe that portraits are timeless but they should also not cause a massive anxiety attack.  When I was a senior, the choices were slim- the mass volume studios, with a "cattle call" feel. Every image looked the same, I looked just like everyone else- no personality or style. Now, when I look back, I want to know WHO I WAS, and I am stuck with boring photos from my own senior year. 

In the end, I want to give my clients the best experience possible but make it easy and fun for them too. From our first chat about your session, to the final artwork that will hang in your home, I want the process to be amazing, and most of all, FUN! We want you to love your photos, feel more confident, and end the experience with something you will treasure. We can't wait to tell your story!

THE GOAL is very simple.
I'm here to help you have incredible PHOTOS that tell your authentic STORY.

Hey Y'all.
I'm Kelleen.

...but everyone who knows me well, calls me Kelly.

I think they should, because your story is unlike anyone else's...
And I think you should love the process and the results. 

Right now you at the most magical place! How do I know that? Because that's life and you will NEVER be in this exact place again. My goal is to capture it this moment so you can you enjoy it for years to come because life is like a blur.  The Family gathering, your last year of high school, the empty nest feeling, the new business YOU. All of these moments are your incredible story and my goal is to give you modern and colorful photos that capture the real you, and show you in your most confident light. 

In the end, I want to give my clients the best and most revolutionary experience possible. From our first chat, to the artwork that will hang in your home, I want the process to be amazing, and most of all, FUN! 

my favorite part of my job? the moment you feel that confidence boost while we are together.

Imagine if your photos told your story and you loved the finished portraits. 

A little about me... I have lived in Jacksonville since 1984. I went to high school here, too! I graduated from UF {Go gators!} with a degree in Finance and Economics. I have 4 kiddos, and one fabulous husband. I love to travel, I love to eat out, I love coffee and wine, and I love to shop! I try and laugh a lot, not take myself TOO seriously... And I will admit, I don't love having my photo taken either, but we do it anyways, because life goes by so fast, and these memories are worth it!


I love photographing in sunshine!
OBSESSED WITH ORGANIZATIOn- although I am a mess
paris is always a good idea 
I love to read
ALWAYS on amazon
Worked in film and TV
always wearing black + white
my secret passion? Cooking!
My next Career? Sommelier!

Thank you again for being so helpful throughout the picture process!! You were so amazing and I had such a good time shooting with you! You are the best!!! 

- Sydney Lewis 2023

My fave things

All the products!

The beach

FLOWERS- Peonies are my fave!

My Crazy kids


traveling & My HUBBY

and I love a McDonald's Big Mac!

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