"We loved working with Kelly!"

We Loved working with Kelly! She made Molly feel comfortable, put her at ease and coached her through each pose. She knew the best spots to take the pictures and willing to take pictures in the gusty wind and cold- she would do whatever it took to the get the shot! We loved the beach and the rocks so much and the fact you could find places to work with, even though weather was bad was amazing, since we had traveled for the shoot!

-Molly's mom

"The intensity of her work is incredibly fun!"

The whole session was beautiful. Kelly's magic and professionalism for photography are unique and we would definitely like to repeat it again. A day with Kelly is absolutely amazing. The intensity of her work is incredibly fun, there are thousands of wonderful images never imagined. Her work is spectacular and professional and her sweetness makes her an exceptional photographer!  Enjoying these moments created by Kelly with my daughter is something I will always remember.

-Nicole's mom

"I was so scared,
but Kelly made me so comfortable!"

I was so scared because I’m not very photogenic, but Kelly helped me feel comfortable and I had such  a great time ! I felt like I was a model for a day! I loved the beach. Sunsets are one of my favorite things, so getting to do my senior photos with the sunset and the moon was a really cool experience.  The ending photos were so fun to take.

- Chloe

"Taylor really felt special and loved working with you!"

The whole experience was amazing. I really appreciate your time, passion and overall amazing photography. You really have a gift of capturing some amazing shots. Taylor really felt special and loved working with you. You are amazing and we appreciate you so much! Your attention to detail and your passion shines bright when you were shooting. 

-Taylor's mom

"I felt very confident during the session."

I felt very confident during the session. I loved getting hair and makeup done, it was perfect, and natural. and I loved taking the photos!. I really enjoyed the whole experience. Downtown Saint Augustine was gorgeous and the sunset at the beach was truly amazing. I felt very confident in all the outfits I wore for the session. Thank you so much again for the wonderful experience. 

- Audrey

"Kelly has such a special ability to put everyone at ease and make them feel beautiful"

My favorite part of the session was literally watching the progression of my daughter as the day went on. She was absolutely glowing by the end of the session because Kelly has such a special ability to put everyone at ease and make them feel beautiful. We were both scared and overwhelmed about the whole process as neither one of us likes to shop or make quick decisions, but Kelly was always just a text or phone call away with advice or encouragement.

-Avery's mom

"It felt like we were just hanging with a friend."

We loved the relaxed feeling with the session. It felt like we were just hanging out with a friend and capturing genuine smiles and happy moments. Kelly spent time getting to know us and highlighting Madison to her fullest. Kelly was so informative and made sure she answered all of our questions including the ones we didn’t know we had. We felt very prepared for the whole process which made It amazing!

- Madison's mom

"Everything went so smoothly!"

It was a great experience, Kelly worked patiently work Taylor and really showed how much she cares about capturing those lifetime memories. She truly loves her job!  Everything went so smoothly ,Taylor was comfortable too. Just seeing Taylor smile, and her joy, it was perfect!

-Taylor's mom

"We never felt like a number, it was so special for us."

We never feel like a number or just another client. We feel like you really care about the student and the family you are photographing. You spent so much time getting to know Bella's likes and dislikes and what she was "all about." I felt you were totally engaged from the moment we met online to the very last photo you took. It was like the student and family was inspiring you and that is a true gift! There was a perfect amount of photographer coaching and it really felt like a model shoot.  Can't thank you enough for making this truly special for us!

- bella's mom