Makeup Monday :: Choosing Your Makeup Style for Your Wedding Day

How do you choose your makeup style for your wedding day?

This is one of those questions that scares me… I mean literally strikes fear in my toes. Why you ask? Because its such a loaded question… like the other famous one “Do these pants make my ass look big?”– another question my husband tells me he answers always with a resounding “No, you look perfect.” But, in typical fashion, I am off topic…

Makeup is so extremely subjective, in my opinion, even more subjective then your dress. But, the difference here is, I think its important to ask around. Now, who you ask, is again, a loaded question, but I am a big proponent of asking your spouse. Now, most men have no idea what eye liner is used for, BUT, they know how they like you to look. If he is marrying a natural girl, he does not want to see the perfect smoky eye, and red lip on the wedding day, he wants to see the woman he is marrying…just fancier. So, this is why I suggest asking him. But, for the sake of argument, this is how I answer the question when my brides ask me:

If you are a low maintenance kind of woman, who loves to wear her hair  down, and free, then I suggest a nice nude palette for your wedding day {sure, you can do smokey, but keep it soft} and wear your hair in a nice up do, or even down. If you are a more makeup loving girl, then use this as a chance to wear a more dramatic look. Think of it in terms of a scale- if you are a 1 or 2 on the daily makeup/ hair scale, take it to a 4 or 5. If you regularly wear a 5 or 6 look, then take it to a 10. But, and here is a big BUT {kind of like the one in the pants at the beginning of this post} your hair and makeup should match the overall look and feel of your wedding style and  your dress. Getting married on the beach, with windblown hair, then a softer makeup will match perfectly- red lips, maybe not so much. But, if you are going for a vintage Gatsby theme, with darker colors, then red is the perfect touch. So, before you even meet with that makeup artist for a trial run {which is an absolute must in my book}, and before you even start pinning on Pinterest, take a few moments and look at your daily style, and your wedding day look, and take all that info and make a plan!

Here are some of my favorite soft looks::

Pure sugar studios_wedding_Casa Monica__0519Pure sugar studios_wedding_Casa Monica__0520


Pure sugar studios_wedding_Casa Monica__0522


Pure sugar studios_wedding_Casa Monica__0521


and the more dramatic style::

Pure sugar studios_wedding_Casa Monica__0517Pure sugar studios_wedding_Casa Monica__0518

Makeup by Amanda Hopcraft, Jill Stonier, Kymtasha, Carrie Wilson, Kendra Chaney, Amanda Hopcraft, and Paulina Perez

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