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Fluffy Friday

May 23, 2014

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fluffy fridayfluffy friday


I know its been awhile since we have had a fluffy friday…with wedding season in full swing, I am spending too much time editing, and not enough time with the ‘ol blog. Which ironically leads me to todays Fluffy Friday…Working out…losing weight…

When the hell did my ass get so big?
Yeah, you heard me right- there I said it. There is no tiptoeing around it. No hiding the inevitable- sitting on my butt editing has made me FAT…and miserable. I went to the DR a few weeks ago, and she told me that most of my whiny ailments were all attributed to adding weight. And at my rip roaring 5’2′”…a little goes a LONG way. So, that was it, I was told by someone in authority that I had to work out, watch what I eat, and EEK! cut back on wine and chocolate. I had to find new therapy.
Lets backtrack a little bit…most of you know Ash is a year round swimmer, and had swam for Bolles up until February where we made what I now call “the life altering switch”. After a year of struggles, we realized that swim program was not the right fit for either girl, and moved to the Y on 210. Not only was it a great switch for Ash, but for me as well. The drive was SO MUCH better. And while practice was longer, with a gym there now, I had something to do for the 2.5 hours besides work. So, I started walking, which was good, but apparently not enough. So, when my DR said I had to, I started classes at the Y…and dear God, dont hate me, but it changed me. I have not been good at working out since before hay was born…for those of you keeping count, that was 8 {yes, I said 8} years ago. And to be quite honest, I hated it! But these classes have made all the difference- surprise to no one, I am sure- I cant stand the BORING- I need personal motivation, and I need the competitiveness of a class. Sure, the sweet old ladies in Pilates are kicking the proverbial ass, and while I cant do all the moves, I am showing up, and more than that, doing it 4x a week- yes, miracles really do happen.
So, what have I learned? and why am I sharing this with you? Well, I have learned that working out DOES actually make a difference, and that sometimes taking care of ME means I am taking care of YOU. I know it seems backwards but I have had more energy, slept better, and have accomplished more in the last 3 weeks, I feel AMAZING! Sore…yes. Tired at night…yes. But…happy, yes! I know see what all the fuss is about! They say you have to commit for a solid month to make it a lifestyle change, and I am almost there, and I am so PROUD of myself. In a world of circular jobs {the house, the editing, the world} its nice to CROSS something off my to do list each day. Its probably the biggest motivating factor- it feels so good to finish something!  I have come to terms with the fact I will never be the size I was when I was in college or when I got married…and thats ok, I am happy to just have my pants be the correct size. But, as I approach a BIG birthday milestone, I want to work at being a better me, and I truly thing this is 100% the way to do it.  And in the process, I found a new therapy, and I have never felt better. Not crazy enough for cross fit though…not yet anyways!
I am so excited to share this journey here, even if not a soul reads it. It feels good to do something I am proud of….
** all of the above items are from Lulumon except where noted.
  1. Amanda says:

    Great motivation! I lost 100 lbs 2 years ago, and gained some back to the point it must stop here! I think you just sold a new membership at the Y on 210 (which I didn’t even know was there until now)! I better go check it out stat. Maybe see you in a class soon!!! 🙂

  2. Chantelle says:

    Proud of you!! Keep it up 🙂

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