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October 9, 2008

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Baby J is one of my fabulous Baby Couture clients, and in this session, he is 5 months old- and I swear, about to crawl! His older brother came along for the shoot to get a few shots of his as well.   Hmm, one 5 month old, and one 20 month old = one CRAZY studio! The boys did great, charged on through, and we even got some of them together.  No peaks of those though, Mom wants to do a Holiday card, so I am keeping those underwraps for any friends and family that may hop on over to this post!  I hate to ruin a perfectly good holiday card!

I hope you guys enjoy the sneak peak, and I hope baby J slept better for you after I wore him out and I hope you enjoy your sneak peak!

  1. Sue Deshmukh says:

    Thanks so much for the sneak! I’m so relieved that you were able to get some great shots of Baby J amidst the chaos of our session, and I can’t wait to see Big Brother R and the rest of the pics!!

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