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July 10, 2013

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This was one of those weddings where I met the couple on the day of…those always make me nervous because I never know what I am walking in on. Well, I could not have adored these two more. Melissa, a special needs teacher in Chicago, was an absolute pleasure from the moment we arrived. I think she was more concerned about our well being then her own. Her maid of honor, was just as fabulous, so I knew before I even met Blake, that he had some big shoes to fill- these girls were amazing! Lucky for me, Blake was just as wonderful…with his dry sense of humor, and “whatever goes” attitude” – they were the perfect couple!

Melissa and Blake- what can I say- your wedding was a perfect pleasure. You two were gracious, gorgeous and beyond fun! I hope that you two had as much fun at your wedding, as we did. This new journey you two are heading down is a crazy fun, and amazing ride- dont forget to enjoy all the small moments together. Watching you two on your wedding day…I know you two will have an amazing journey!


 Ceremony and Reception Hammock Dunes Country Club

Gown Demetrios    Flowers Blooming Flowers

Reception Music Tampa Bay DJ



How did you two meet?
We met because we were neighbors who lived, literally, across the street from one another. We bumped into each other frequently and eventually, after a few outings with friends, we found out there was more than friendship between us.

How did he propose?
I met Blake in Nashville one weekend, after he was finished with a business trip, for an mini vacation. I got into Nashville around 8:00 p.m. on a Friday and was ready for dinner when I arrived. As I was freshening up at the hotel Blake was acting weird. He was watching me put on make-up and was much more antsy than usual. When I was ready to go he asked me if I wanted any chocolate before dinner. I said,
“No thank you, but I will definitely have one after dinner.”
He replied, “No, really. You should try one of these chocolates. They are really special.”
I responded again with a  “No.”
Finally he pleaded,”Please, just have one for me?” I accepted and when I opened the box of Godiva chocolates, instead of there being six truffles in the box, there were only five. In that sixth spot was a ring. At that point I looked up from the box and he was on one knee asking for my hand in marriage.

How did you choose your theme? Flowers? and overall wedding design?
Overall wedding design never had a distinct theme. We just started to piece things together as we went along. Even though we had been engaged since November of 2011, we didn’t decide on a venue until February of 2013! Because we planned our wedding in about 3 months, everything was done quite quickly. Eventually we stumbled upon a travel theme! We picked the colors we had because we wanted to keep the flowers soft and elegant.

What was the best part of your wedding day?
The best part of our wedding day, was two part. The absolute best part was our first dance. The second best part was the photo shoot we did before the wedding. You guys made me feel so special!

What do you want to always remember from your wedding day?
I always want to remember how loved and special we felt. There were so many people who were willing to do anything and everything for us during the entire wedding weekend. I will never forget how generous everyone was.

“IF I only I knew!” what is one piece of advise you would give to brides planning their wedding day?
This happened unintentionally, but I was able to sleep in a room by myself the night before the wedding and then I had 3 hours in the morning, to be totally by myself. I slept in, had breakfast on the porch, did yoga and took a nice relaxing shower. The entire wedding weekend is crazy and to have a bit of downtime before the big day was huge!

And where are you going on your honeymoon?
We will be traveling to Italy. Our stops include: Capri, Cinque Terre, Florence, Sicily and Rome.

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