{The one} where we RUN…

Ok, so maybe not run, but crawl really REALLY fast! Oh, 12 months, what an age! They can’t quite walk, but they are so speedy with their movements. I think the parents have more of a workout than I do! Miss I, being like most 1 year olds, felt the studio was her oyster- meant only for her exploration. Of course, mom and I wanted her in one spot, and that was the ONE spot she did not want to be in! At one point, we got her in my frilly new white tutu, on the new backdrop, and I swear, she LOVED being a princess! Watch out mom and dad- this little one is a heart breaker! When she smiled, the whole room lit up- and she is just like her mom in that way. As busy as Miss I was, her mom completely took in stride, and laughed the whole way through. Which is good, because after Miss I learns to walk…the terrible TWO’s come! And, I will tell you, you have to have a sense of humor to survive that!

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  1. Natalie G. says:

    Kelly- you are amazing, amazing, amazing!!! 😉 I love the pics!! AAhhhh, my little angel.. The green frosting all over me, sweat down my back, and eyeliner down to my cheeks and I would do it all over again!! We just absolutely ADORE you!!

  2. The Dad says:

    Great work as always K.

  3. Andi Diamond says:

    LOVE these, Kel! Love the new backdrop, too! The yellow outfit if my fave! What a precious face!!

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