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June 15, 2009

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First off, I have to apologize. These last two weeks have a been crazy at best. Both Hunter and Ash were finishing up their first year at LPA, and for those of you with young children- the end of the year is nothing but parties, early releases, field trips, and chaos! I suppose it does not help that Hunter came down with strep throat, and I was finishing out my stint as class mom for Ashleigh’s class. So, I know I am behind on blog posts, and emails. I am slamming this week to catch up!

Whew! Ok, so now, onto the post. Last week my baby, aka Ashleigh, finished up kindergarten. For all of you with little babies, who think “I cant imagine my child being that big/old”- I said the same thing! The fact that she is now in first grade, baffles me! Where did the last 6 years go?? I had such an amazing time with this class, both as a parent, and as homeroom mom. Each Wednesday {ok, Allsion, I missed a FEW} I came in to help out…and HANG OUT! And I have to tell you, kindergarten is FUN! I swear, I kept asking if I could go back! This was an extremely blessed group of kids b.c they had one AMAZING teacher! I saw such growth in Ashleigh, and each one of her 16 classmates- I know Mrs. White worked so hard to make sure each one of these kids was so ready for the first grade- and everything that comes with it! I mean these kids can READ! I know when I was a kindergartner, I specialized in macaroni necklaces, and eating glue! Its amazing how far they all have come!

Hunter did just as well, finishing out his final semester with us making AB honor roll! We are so unbelievable proud! Mark and I worked so hard this year…but not as hard as his teacher worked. Mrs. Williams, like Mrs. White, was beyond amazing! When Hunter started, he was so unsure of his move here, and being in a new school, all new friends and a whole new way of life, but Mrs. Williams made the entire move not only bearable, but incredible! I dont even know where to start with thanking her!

All in all, I am not sure where the last 10 months went! Watching Ash get on the bus the first day of school in August…and then having Hunter do it in February- it was truly an amazing year! To all the fabulous kids and parents in Mrs. White’s class, thank you for a wonderful year! I hope we are all here in 12 years as these little guys head off to college! And to my two teachers- you tow really are rock stars! I was so blessed that my children had such wonderful and positive teachers. I hope you know they will never forget you- and neither will Mark and I! Have a great summer!

Now, the slideshow. These images are from the kindergarten “cruising into 1st grade party” and the 1st annual Liberty Pines End of the Year parade”. Hope you enjoy…

  1. Rayhana says:

    I love it! Now I have to book you for Leila’s last day of school!! lol

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