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July 15, 2023

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Hey momma’s, have you ever wondered if it’s possible to get an amazing series of images of a senior guy? We get asked this all the time, and the answer is YES! We have an entire gallery dedicated to senior guys. But, we wanted to take a minute and chat about our senior guys process, and share some senior picture ideas for guys.

One of the most important things when looking for a senior photographer is making sure they can provide a whole gallery of stunning images, and not just a quick few on instagram. You also want to make sure they have variety, location options, and lighting variety as well.

What are some ideas for senior guys pictures?

Let’s take a peak at a full senior session for a class of 2023 senior {Thanks Gavin}! I love working with senior guys as much as senior girls, and thats why I make sure they get a section dedicated to them on my web site. I pride myself on giving the same variety to my senior guys as I do the girls… and one way we do that is with lighting. By including their hobbies, creative locations, and awesome lighting variety, we give them photos that are unique and modern, while still showcasing a timeless side, so you still love them 20 years from now!

6 picture ideas for senior guys

  1. Sports- the #1 thing I recommend for guys is using their sport as a starting point with senior photos. This is their last year as a child, and usually you have given a lot of years to this one {or two} sports. This is their last year in that uniform, and the last time you will hear their name announced. These memories are the perfect
  2. Hobbies- So maybe sports aren’t his thing… that is just fine, because I bet he has other hobbies and interests. From music, to reading, and anything in between, the goal is to focus on what your senior guy likes!
  3. planes, trains and cars… oh my! This is one of my faves, adding his car, or his boat, or something else that he loves! I think having those images years from now, when he has a son of his own, make those memories priceless! I know I would still love to have a photo with my 84 Honda civic! My kids can’t believe I had windows that hand cranked down…
  4. Showcase their style- are they athletic, preppy, trendy, urban or all of those, let’s include their style side in their photos. By giving them some of the flexibility and decision making, you will find they are way more excited about their photos, and will enjoy it so much more!
  5. Formal- this one is my fave, I love all seniors to showcase one more formal look. It’s my favorite way to end a session. Adding in some dress pants, and maybe a jacket really elevate their look, and adds to the night time drama.
  6. Location, location, location- by combining all the aspects above and adding specific locations, we get so much variety. But, I love to make sure you we add in locations that speak to senior guys! Not a beach lover, then let’s do the river! Loves some drama, then let’s add in a street with car lights!

Kelleen Hite is a senior portrait photographer based out of Jacksonville and St. Augustine Florida. Her goal is to create and amazing experience and revolutionary portraits so that every senior knows how awesome they are, and so that every parent can enjoy this fleeting moment. Kelleen is now booking for the class of 2024. To learn more about being a revolutionary KHP senior, click here.

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