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July 13, 2023

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I am wrapping up the 2023 season and getting all my seniors on the blog! I am excited for summer and a little break… but its got me thinking about all my fabulous seniors from this past year! And one of mt faves was Ella, as she got a gorgeous fall day in Florida!

Ella chose to do her senior portrait session in the Oldest City, St. Augustine, which is one of my favorite locations, because there is just so much variety! Ella was a National Merit Scholar from Episcopal School of Jacksonville and is so excited to be headed to the University of Florida- and I am excited for her, since its my Alma Mater!

Fall Senior pictures in St. Augustine

We spent a crisp fall day in October together to do Ella’s photos- yes, it was actually a crisp day! Ella started with hair and makeup, and then we headed to the town section. St. Augustine offers such a great backdrop, because you get a little but of color, and texture, but not so much it competes with your outfits, so its great for senior pictures- and even better in the fall, because there is a great breeze from the water, and the light is starting to get just a bit softer!

Ella wore a combination of summer outfits, and fall styles for her senior pictures, since October is a great month for crossover seasons. We were able to summer sin dresses, but also add in some cooler weather outfits as well, so she could do some layers! Ella did a fabulous job of selecting outfits that highlighter her style, and her coloring which makes for beautiful, timeless images! I am excited for Ella and her future life as a 🐊! Congrats Ella, I can’t wait to cheer you on from the sidelines!!

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  1. Kelly, the variety you offer for senior pictures is absolutely incredible! She has so many unique locations and tons of outfits to showcase her personality! Beautiful work!

  2. Brandi says:

    The Oldest City, St. Augustine looks like the best location for fall senior pictures! And her outfits were the perfect mix for fall!

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