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July 12, 2023

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Portrait photography in Jacksonville, and the surrounding areas. Specializing in amazing seniors, busy families, and fabulous brands. 
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Senior Info

Your senior year is a BIG deal… and a once in a lifetime event. Here at KHP, we want to make your senior photos REVOLUTIONARY!

Want to know why you should book your N. Florida senior photos with Kelleen Hite Photography?

Here are 6 things that make the KHP senior experience different from local senior photographers:

  • Unmatched session planning and prep- so you don’t have to stress
  • Hair and makeup included and set- so you don’t have to worry about the getting ready part… or the planning of it!
  • unlimited outfit changes – so you get lot’s of variety for your images!
  • extended session time
  • Day to night shooting
  • Heirloom Quality products and Digitals

Continue reading below for more details on the 6 ways that Kelleen Hite Photography is the different from all the other local photographers- and how we are elevating your experience ⬇️

  1. Unmatched session planning and prep- Worried about what to wear for your senior session? What about how to plan and prep for your photos? Don’t worry, we have you covered! We start planning as soon as you book your session, from your welcome box, and custom client portal, we cover everything you need to know. Then, two weeks before your session we meet to do your style consult so we can plan your final styles, and locations to ensure we have everything organzied!
  2. Hair and makeup included and set- There is no extra charge or separate payment you have to make when booking with me. You don’t have to research who to hire or coordinate their schedule with your session day. Once you book, you get professional hair and makeup on me, and its all set and organized, even if we have to reset your session day! This keeps the intricate planning on me, instead of you! Giving you time to enjoy your senior!
  3. unlimited outfit changes – I always encourage my clients to bring as many outfits as they want. It allows great variety and relieves the pressure to have the perfect 2 outfits picked out. We will organize the outfits based on location {and I usually start with your least favorite first} and work to the formal outfit. I have had clients bring an outfit that they thought they would absolutely love for their senior photos and then once they saw the images they didn’t like the outfit as much as they thought they would. What if I had only allowed 2 outfits for that session? You would only have 1 outfit to choose from for your product order. A good number is 7-9 outfits. This gives great variety to your final gallery! It also allows for some of moms faves too 🙂
  4. extended session time- We Will Not Rush Your Session! Most studios only offer 60-90 minute sessions. Not here! We are just getting started at 90 minutes! Most sessions last around three to four hours to ensure we document every unique aspect of your personality and to allow for a variety of looks, and to get you comfortable! We start in the late afternoon and shoot in to sunset! I never want my clients to feel like I am rushing their session or counting down the minutes until their session is over.
  5. Day to night shooting- By shooting longer, we ensure you get not only a varety of outfit looks, but also lighting looks. We will get full sun, backlighting, open shade, and combine this with off camera flash. We will also shoot into sunset, and dusk getting those amazing skies KHP is famous for! This is my FAVORITE part!
  6. Heirloom Quality products and Digitals- Once your session is over I will not just email you a gallery and hope that you can figure out what to do with your images on your own- that is overwhelming! And, design and wall art is not your specialty, it’s mine! Instead, you will come to an image reveal and design session. Every senior session collection comes with printed products. You get to choose and custom design products from albums, to image boxes, and wall art clusters. That does not mean that you can not purchase the digital images, those are included in the collections as well. I know how you all love to share them on social media! Instead, you get the images you love, and the beautiful products that you can’t wait to enjoy on your walls, and in your hands!

I provide these to each and every Luxe senior client {boys can skip hair and makeup} to give you the most amazing senior experience! Thank you to the Episcopal High School senior, Courtney, for sharing her last year with me in downtown St. Augustine!

I provide all these services for my senior clients to give you the absolute best overall senior portrait experience!

Kelleen Hite Photography specializes in professional senior portraits and is conveniently located in Northeast Florida. My seniors come to me from Jacksonville, St. Augustine, Ponte Vedra, Nocatee, Clay County, Daytona, and Orlando.

Kelleen Hite Photography is now booking beautiful Fall and winter Senior Portrait Sessions for the Class of 2024. There is also still time to sign up and be a part of the Class of 2024 and be a part of K Crew, and have an amazing senior experience. Click here to contact KHP and get started!

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