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July 10, 2023

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Seniors and Juniors: SAVE THIS POST for session day prep tips!

When it comes to your senior session, educating yourself and being prepared will save you a lot of undue stress. We are here to help you with a round of Do this, not that: Senior Session Prep edition!

Here’s 10 things to remember when getting ready for your senior session:

DO: hang each outfit on a single hanger and steam your wardrobe the day before your session
DON’T: stuff your outfits in a duffle bag

DO: get a trim & color refresh with your hair stylist a week before your session DON’T: opt for a big chop or new color right before your session

DO: exfoliate and moisturize your lips nightly the week leading up to your session DON’T: neglect your chapped lips and expect your photographer to edit them

DO: get a mani/pedi with a soft neutral polish a few days before your session DON’T: arrive to your session with crazy nail colors and / or chipped polish

DO: bring some inspiration images to show your session makeup artist & hairstylist DON’T: expect your makeup artist & hairstylist to know what you want without visuals

DON’T: stay up too late the night before. We all know a tire face {and feeling} is hard to overcome. By getting a good night sleep, you ensure you will feel amazing during your shoot!

DO: read the guides! There is so much information that will make planning and organizing easier. By reading the information you know what comes next, and how to plan for it!

DON’T: STRESS! I promise, this will be awesome and way easier then you think it is! I have been shooting since 2007- I know what I am doing, and I know how to help you look and feel awesome!

Did you know that we give every single one of our KHP clients a welcome packet and client hub full of downloadable guides to help them prepare for their stress free session day?! We do! Our clients LOVE that we don’t throw them to the wolves when it comes to getting session day ready.

Kelleen Hite is a senior portrait photographer based out of Jacksonville and St. Augustine Florida. Her goal is to create and amazing experience and revolutionary portraits so that every senior knows how awesome they are, and so that every parent can enjoy this fleeting moment. Kelleen is now booking for the class of 2024. To learn more about being a revolutionary KHP senior, click here.

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