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Love spring and want senior photos before graduation? Here are some tips to make sure your session is smooth, and important things to consider when booking your SPRING senior session

As much as spring is a favorite season for senior pictures, there are some issues you may run into during these months.

Things to consider with a spring session

1. Timing can be tricky as you’ll be entering a very busy season of pre-graduation festivities like senior recitals, college visits, prom, spring break, etc. This can make pinning down a session date difficult and make a needed weather reschedule even more problematic.

2. Another issue related to timing is image & product delivery. Editing your session images could take up to 3 weeks, and designing and delivery of any ordered products could take up to another 3 weeks on top of that. So, if you’re wanting to have custom grad announcements and products like canvases, albums, or signature wall art showcased for your grad party, keep that in mind when booking your spring session date and opt for an early spring date instead of a later one.

3. Another factor to consider is if you want to incorporate your college into your senior session… you likely won’t know until the Spring of your graduating year, so if that is a must for you, this would be your go-to option.

Benefits of a Spring Senior Session

1. Weather: the spring season is usually more dependable when it comes to weather with average temperatures running between 60 to 70 degrees in early March all the way up to 90+ degrees in May. The only other weather issue to consider for the spring is the rain that April will bring. This may mean last minute reschedules in an already hectic senior pre- graduation schedule, so booking early spring is best.

2. Fashion: this is the season for all the fun & flirty trends! Trendy textures for spring are chambray, ruffles, tiered panels, and lace in colors of all your favorite pastels like lemon, blush, sky blue, lavender, and pistachio. Opt for fun rompers and mini dresses in floral patterns or short and maxi dresses in gingham or paisley!

3. Spring Greens: we all know that spring in Florida means the only hope we have of flowers backed with lush green botanicals. The usual issue though is figuring out in what month the blooms will make their appearance. We have found that they usually show up anywhere between late March to early May and are usually gone by June, historically. While Florida isnt known for its massive flower areas, we do have some that photograph beautifully with good planning!

If a spring session sounds perfect for you, you’ll want to contact us and book your session in the late fall early winter of your Senior year! This will allow you plenty of time to plan ahead, download our client resources, and prepare for your spring session.

Kelleen Hite is a senior portrait photographer based out of Jacksonville and St. Augustine Florida. Her goal is to create and amazing experience and revolutionary portraits so that every senior knows how awesome they are, and so that every parent can enjoy this fleeting moment. Kelleen is now booking for the class of 2024. To learn more about being a revolutionary KHP senior, click here.

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