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January 5, 2015

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Say it isnt so! Its 2015, the kids are getting ready to go back to school, I am sitting at my new {and clean} desk at home, dreading heading back to my not so clean desk at the office. I am trying to tell myself this year will be different. I will be organized {i mean did you see my FANCY planner}. I will keep track of all thing business and even more so, personal related. I will drink less wine, eat more veggies, see the inside of the gym while I sit at swim for 2+ hours and overall get control back of my life.

WAIT! what…is that laughter I hear. Are you actually laughing at me? Why, because you too have made all the same “promises” to yourself? Because I write this SAME post every January??

Well, scoff you may, but I have to say there is something cathartic in letting all the past transgressions go, into singing myself up for a newer better me. Even if I am totally full of Sh*t, at least I am making a plan. Thats the beauty of January. Its all new and sparkly, like a perfect diamond, just waiting for me to wear it around, bang it up a bit, forget to even wear it somedays. But then next year at this same time, I can clean it all up, slap a new setting on it, and call it 2016!

Does anyone else feel almost giddy at the beginning of the year? There’s this whole feeling of hope and renewal, that maybe this year you will stick to all of your resolutions. Maybe this year you eat better, maybe this year keep your house cleaner, maybe this year you even get school projects done with your kids- early, and do it effortlessly, and relaxed, save the money you have been meaning to, workout every day {or at least 3x a week}…

There is something blissfully numbing about starting the new year- like all of your past mistakes are suddenly wiped away. All the renewal and hope and joy of doing it better seems real, and {eek} doable! Of course by February you realize that all of the resolutions you had planned went out the window, and some may not have ever even taken flight. But it does not stop us all from making new plans, and even revisting old resolutions.

For me, I hope 2015 brings more organization, both at home and in my office. I hope to eat better, and {NO NO NO} drink less wine…but most of all, I want to enjoy 2015 with my family and friends, and my awesome clients- because as I approach 40, I see that these years are going by way WAY too fast. I want to watch my kiddos swim, and have great conversations with them about where they might be when they are my age. And sometimes, a little chocolate and a lot of wine {especially while playing “cards against humanity”} make the fast fading moments that much sweeter {well there goes one resolution}…

I hope your 2015 is filled with fabulous resolutions, but more than that, I hope its filled with a whole hell of a lot of laughter, and red wine!

Happy New Year!

** sidenote, one of my BIGGEST resoltions is staying up on my blog…I pinky swear! {internet world, stop laughing…}

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