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April 23, 2010

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Ok, so she cant really surf…yet. But, given her dads utter devotion to the sport, I just know by the time she can walk, he will have her on a surf board. Miss Gigi is one of my bebe couture clients, and is now 9 months old {where did those 9 months go}? {See the flashbacks below} She is crawling and pulling up and just so damn adorably chunky, it took everything I had not to put her in my camera bag and take her home! But, I have to say, her parents are pretty darn awesome, I think she will be ok with them!  I actually asked if I could move in with them and they could be my parents too!  And PS- how cool is her hair? It was dark when she was born, and the ends are where it is growing out- and it does this little sidesweep over- I can’t get my hair to do that!

Flashback- Click here to see the Newborn Session and see gigi’s dark hair!

A few of my fave’s…

  1. Naomi says:

    Love, Love, Love the Photos! I can haardly wait to see the rest of them… and I’m so excited for G’s 12 month shoot!

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