{The one} with the new car…and the funniest video EVER!

Ok, so its not exactly new…I have had it for a month. But since it was a HUGE discussion on facebook, I am giving my car its review, sharing some pics, and then posting the most hilarious video EVER! Ok…well, I think its the most Hilarious video ever!

Ok, so I debated long and hard about my next vehicle purcase- while I loved my Tahoe- it was just not practical. The doors were so wide, I often could not get in and out of the car in some of the current parking spaces. And, you should have seen haylee swing that door open- EEEKKK!! So, I ended up parking FAR and I mean FAR away from other cars. It was also a MAJOR gas guzzler, and constantly messy because the kids had no places to put their stuff. I also only needed the third row seats when the boys were with us- and since GM did not think it was necessary to make 3rd row seats that folded flat {obviously NOT people with kids, or women} we were constantly taking them in and out of the car.  I say “we” but I mean Mark- those things weighed in at like 85 pounds!!  No thank you!

So…I had a long hard sit down with myself and the decision was plain- it was minivan time. Now, all you naysayers, I did not come to this decision lightly. I battled with my inner “soccer mom” demons for months! And then I posted on facebook about it- and it appears its a heated debate. To SUV or MV is a difficult question- it seems there are a lot of haters out there- and I admit I was too.  Fortunately, Mark drives a really sleek sports car, so when its a parent night out, I still get to feel cool. Now, dont get me wrong- I still drive down the street with my music pumping {because my kids are watching TV with their headphones on in the back} but I know I am not as cool as I was in the Tahoe.

Of course, “cool” only gets you so far! With my new pimping ride- I have 2 {thats right all you SUV lovers} 2 TV’s for my kiddos to watch. That means the big kids no longer have to watch Barney! And I have plugs- actual honest to goodness plugs- so the boys can bring the x-box, and Ash can charge her DS and I can plug my laptop in while we drive! The seats ALL fold flat, and there is a cubby in the back for my groceries- thats right they dont slide all over the place anymore! But the GREATEST feature of them all- SLIDING DOORS! No more hitting the car next to me, the kids are up and in the car with seatbelts on before I have even put the bags in!

So, while I may not be “car cool” anymore, my kids are in HEAVEN…and I decided the terrible sacrifice I make is worth their undying gratitude.  Ok, I admit, I love it too! So, all you naysayers {thats right John, I am talking to you} don’t knock what you haven’t tried, I am loving my minivan…

Its so bautiful and sparkly. I promised Mark I would keep the inside clean- but I have managed in 30 days to fill all my personal cupholders {I have 4} with garbage {aka reciepts}.

And now…for the video.  Some of you may have seen this, but I have to say, its just as funny the second or third {or tenth} time. You may laugh till you cry.

Enjoy… {I am totally downloading this as my ringer for my iphone}

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  1. stacy says:

    lmao that is hysterical!

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