Welcome 2012…the year of the juice

Welcome 2012, so LONG 2011! For me, personally, 2011 was a LONG year, and I am blissfully happy to see it go! There is something so fresh about starting over- a feeling of hope, and newness, and just an all around positive glow.  So, in order to keep my new years plan, I am writing it out online- yes, for eternal posterity.

I have been a subscriber of whole living for the past year, and while I enjoy the magazine, I found the January 2012 issue to be most inspiring. The magazine talks about doing a 21 day cleanse that looks amazingly HARD but promises to be so rewarding at the end. While I would LOVE to lose 10 pounds {who wouldn’t} I find myself craving the energy of my 20’s, and the sleep of my 20’s too! So, as I read about this cleanse, I realized it may just be the answer I am looking for. One of the big parts of the cleanse is juicing, which upon further reading, seems to have amazing health benefits. So, thats the first part of my 2012 action plan- JUICING! I went out yesterday and got a juicer and am on the lookout for recipes. Mark thinks I have lost my mind! But, I am hoping it gives me the energy I am lacking. I am terrible about skipping lunch, so that is going to be my “juicing” meal. I am starting there, and attempting to begin the “whole living Cleanse” next month. I am not a HUGE fan of starting on January 1st, in case I have parts I still need to buy and get ready- it allows me to quit to easily! LOL!

And for my second resolution, taking better care of me and finding a healthy balance in my life- whew! That just sounds tough typing it. As Mark and I are making big life changes {you’ll have to stay tuned for that}, I am trying to find some equality in my life. I do feel many days that my business over takes my personal life, and there are a lot of things I miss. I know, I have said it before, but this time its part of my action plan, so I am cutting back, finding some time for me, and time for my family. I have been reading a wonderful book on the power of positive thinking, and it has changed my perspective so much, and I feel like the combination of all of this in my action plan will be so rewarding as a whole. My goal is to try and write once a month about how all of it is evolving- but at the very least, an update in June- LOL!

And finally, the 365 project. I realized I am so busy photographing other couples and families, I miss photographing my own. So, this year, I am doing the 365 project, but making it solely about my family. I will use any camera at my disposal, iphone, point and shoot, or my big guns! I am really hoping to make an album at the end of the year, and capture all the little every day things that I know 20 years from now I will never remember. I am going to try and do a monthly wrap up on the blog, but will post more frequently on facebook {as much as I dread being on there- thank God for Hootwsuite!} . I am excited about this challenge, getting in touch with photography on a personal level again, instead of just a professional level.


So there it is 2012- in black and white. I am excited- excited for the year ahead, excited for the changes I am making for myself and my family and even my business. I hope you join me for the journey- I hate to travel alone!


Happy 2012- Goodbye 2011!

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