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5 For Friday

February 20, 2015

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5 for friday 2.20

It’s 5 For Friday! Today’s 5 Fabulous finds are all about the random things I’m loving in life right now.

1. The Plan– thanks to a good friend of mine, I have just finished the first 4 days of this and I have to say, it could quite possibly be the best thing I have ever done for my insides! I wont lie, the first three days are CRAZY HARD, but I finished day three on Wednesday, and had more energy than I have had in years! Its amazing! Mark is doing it with me {bc you know a couple who suffers together, loves together}, and while its been tough on us both, we have laughed our way through the cravings. If you want to do some thing good for yourself, trust me, invest $14 and 5 days- you will thank me!

2. Its just a random bit of wisdom I have learned about myself while working on my new site with the awesome crew over at Tonic. Talk about a check in on yourself- do a website, you will learn more about yourself then…well…then you should! I am ready for a break from thinking about it all. But, I will say, it has allowed me to really nail down where I am going, and see where I have come from.

3. I came across this advice on a web page, and I loved the whole page. I am the first to admit a good marriage takes a lot of work, and a lot of comprise. Lets be honest, we all have bad days, and I think the job of a spouse or loved one is to make that better, to make the other person smile. I think this was applicable for anyone, and found it to be all around great advice!

4. 50 shades of grey- did you read the book? did you see the movie? I know there is so much controversy surrounding both, and I will admit, I read it, and I saw it {along with 50 million other people}. It was huge over the weekend, so I had to touch upon it. So, head over to the water cooler with your best girl friends, and talk amongst yourselves! I love this crazy stuff on etsy– its good for a laugh!

5. Wine Country– I mentioned in last weeks post that Mark and I are going for our anniversary. I started looking at hotels and things that I want to visit and see while I’m out there, and I came across this awesome post. Mark and I are major wine lovers, and I am also really hoping to learn more about wine {besides that it tastes good} before I get out there. I think one of the best parts about vacation is the planning and the anticipation!


Happy Friday ya’ll!


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