5 for Friday :: Valentines Day Edition

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February 13, 2015

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 5 for Friday :: Valentines Day Edition

Mark and I have a big year ahead, we both turn 40 {he already did} and we celebrate our 10 years of wedded bliss. So, to celebrate we are doing a big trip to Napa and Sonoma in the fall for crush. This is our first trip there together, and from what we hear, crush is AMAZING, and the opposite of economical. So, we are trying to be really good about saving money for that, so when we go out there, we have a nice pile of fun to use! This means we are staying home for this wonderful day o’ love. Now, I love to cook, so all in all its not bad. But I make one HELL of a mess in the kitchen, and I end up cooking while he watches. This all equals not much together time. So, this year, I am doing a full melting pot spread, from a custom cocktail, to three different kinds of fondue, and all the extras! Whats on the menu you ask…

1.) Cheddar Fondue– the staple, the best, the one that all others are based on. It is by far, romantic perfection! And better than that? you can prep it all and forget it! It aint healthy, but come on, its Valentines day!

2.) Chocolate Raspberry– are there really any words necessary? This is different than what I have made in the past, but it looks so divine I can’t wait. Thinking paired with a fabulous glass of bubble with some frozen raspberries.

3.) Dinner Fondue– this is new for me- usually I just make filet or something to go with it. But I am going for the whole experience here, so I am doing this too. The great part is, we cook together. I think I will do a salad as well, something nice and light {to balance all the sauces I intend to dip my meat in!

4.) cheese fondue 2– this one is a lovely swiss blend. I am undecided which way I will take my frommage {thats french for cheese} trip. This one has kirsch in it, which sounds a tad bit more decadent. I may even add some veggies- you know, to keep it healthy!

5.) The cocktail– I am still undecided on this one, but there is something about champagne that screams “celebration” and “love”. And whenever you can combine those two things, you know you have a winning date night!

So…did I mention I have a swim meet tomm? and a session? This prep meal is really going to come into play! Here’s hoping I can pull it all off! Stay tuned on instagram to see it all come together!



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