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August 22, 2014

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5 for friday


…well its FRIDAY! and I have the weekend off which is awesome for two reasons 1) I am trying to recoup from my week of back to school and back to swim, and 2) its about 1000 degrees outside.

This is seriously my LEAST fave time of year, I hate it! By late august, I am over the beach, over the pool and just over being sweaty. I am craving a fabulous apple something {pie, martini, sauce, you name it} and maybe a cool breeze. The down side of Florida is we won’t see that for at least two more months. Of course, the upside is, I won’t be donning a pair of snow boots either. You win some, and lose some, Right?

So, since adding some more personal stuff to the blog, we are starting 5 for fridays, which will not replace Fluffy Friday, but will be done certain weeks. Its kind of a weekly round up– sometimes about products, sometimes about ideas, sometimes things I am coveting and sometimes its just a weekly review of my crazy life. So, this week, my 5 for Friday is going to be about my week.

1) School started! and well, its pretty good. Both kids love their teacher {s} and the week was pretty uneventful. No homework, no major meltdowns, so in my book it was close to heaven. Since Ash is in middle school, I know 1000 tests and projects will be making their way to me, so I am enjoying this little reprieve. I caught this video this week, and whether you are sending your own crew back to school, or just love old 80’s songs, this video is one of the FUNNIEST I have seen, You’re welcome 🙂

2) I did some photos  I needed new head shots like CRAZY, and a friend of mine is starting a modern women’s portraiture line in her business, and so I headed out to have hair and makeup done, and get some photos taken. OMG! so. much. fun! I don’t want to give too much away, and their will be a blog post when they are live, but here is a sneak peak from the uber fabulous Jen Shannon Hair and makeup by Nicole Wiley with Paulina Perez makeup



3) My Workouts– so, I did not get there as much as would have liked this week, but at least I was able to get to the Gym. I posted awhile ago about losing weight, and working out, and while I would love to get back on track with eating, I have maintained my workout schedule. I am so grateful for swim, and my Y membership, seriously — BEST investment ever! I sound so stupid, and I hate myself a bit when I say this, but IT WILL CHANGE your life. And yes, I hated working out, but its been so eye opening to find things I enjoy, and more than that, taking some time for me!

4) girlfriends— As a woman girls in your life are PRICELESS. I am blessed to have some pretty awesome ones. From photog friends who laugh and talk shop with me {and take photos of me}, to clients who get my mom into her husbands medical practice at the drop of a hat {and me too}, to the ones who sit on my couch, drink wine, and make me laugh and forget all the CRAP. Friendship is a true gift and weeks like this remind me how lucky I am for all of you!

5) My husband— sometimes I am not sure I am thankful enough for him. For how hard he works for us, for the amazing home and life he provides, and most of all the sacrifices he makes for the people he loves. He is going through a lot right now, and with him gone for a few weeks, I am reminded of how much I depend on him, and how lucky I am that he is mine.  Miss you sweetie!

Whew! ok, I have to say, after typing that, I feel pretty darn awesome about my week! This is cathartic…I highly recommend you try it!

Happy Friday ya’ll! Much love and kisses!


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