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June 16, 2010

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Alice has had a busy month- graduating first from Medical School, then moving back to Gainesville, and then getting married. That’s enough to make the average Bride’s head spin. But, Alice is no average woman, handling all of the chaos with grace and charm. And, seeing her in her wedding dress, that’s exactly how I would describe this bride, the absolute picture of grace. Looking every bit the Italian goddess that I knew she would, Alice sparkled walking down the aisle to marry Dennis. The two were so sweet and so in love, how could I not have a fabulous day photographing them! The reception and ceremony were held at the beautiful grounds of Epping Forest, and were the perfect backdrop for their Tuscan style wedding.

Thank you both for allowing me to be a part of your love story and your wedding day. I wish you both more love, success and joy than you can handle! Congratulations on becoming a “we”!

Here are some of the fabulous moments of their wedding day, and the vendors who made it possible:

Ceremony & Reception Epping Forest

Flowers & Decor Floriade

Dress Love Bridal Boutique

Epping Forest Wedding Photographer01Epping Forest Wedding Photographer02Epping Forest Wedding Photographer03Epping Forest Wedding Photographer04Epping Forest Wedding Photographer05Epping Forest Wedding Photographer06Epping Forest Wedding Photographer07Epping Forest Wedding Photographer08Epping Forest Wedding Photographer09Epping Forest Wedding Photographer10Epping Forest Wedding Photographer11Epping Forest Wedding Photographer12Epping Forest Wedding Photographer13Epping Forest Wedding Photographer14Epping Forest Wedding Photographer15Epping Forest Wedding Photographer16Epping Forest Wedding Photographer17Epping Forest Wedding Photographer18Epping Forest Wedding Photographer19Epping Forest Wedding Photographer20Epping Forest Wedding Photographer21Epping Forest Wedding Photographer22Epping Forest Wedding Photographer23

  1. Cesar Palima says:

    Great shots. good job.

  2. stacy says:

    love love love! Can’t believe I missed this boo! You are amazing girlfriend!

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