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April 24, 2014

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Amanda & Jerry’s wedding day was was pure perfection! Everything from the stunning details of her wedding dress to the perfect florals by Liz Stewart. Amanda loves Kate Spade (a bride after my own heart), so adding touches of pink detail was her way of incorporating that aspect of her personality.

Their Fabulous team of vendors:

Ceremony Venue – Basillica of the Immaculate Conception    Reception Venue – Queens Harbour Yacht Club

Florals – Liz Stewart    Hair – Once Upon a Stylist    Makeup – Simply Makeup

Cake – For the Love of Cake    Music – DLand Entertainment

Bridal Gown – David’s Bridal    Bridesmaids Dresses – Bella Bridesmaids

Grooms wear – Men’s Wearhouse   Officiant – Father Edward Murphy

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How did you two meet?

We actually work at the same place and started hanging out outside of work and became friends. We both soon realized though that we cared for each other more then just as a friend.

How did he propose?

He took me to Publix and said we needed a cake for our brother in law coming to town for his birthday. Little did I know he had Publix write “will you marry me?” On a cake in the display cabinet. He said “how about this one?” And pointed to it. I read it and said we needed a birthday cake. Lol I read it again and it still didn’t click what was happening until I looked up to see the man behind the bakery counter taking my picture and then saw Jerry down on his knee. It was so perfect. We work together so often know each other’s schedule and I the only thing I told Jerry was when it’s that time I just want it to be a surprise. It definitely was!

How did you chose your theme, flowers, and overall wedding design?

I love Kate Spade anything! We wanted a spring wedding so it wasn’t so hot. With the help of Pinterest and Etsy, the vision just came together!

What was the best part of your wedding day?

Amanda: Without a doubt seeing Jerry at the end of the aisle!

Jerry: Watching Amanda walk down the aisle as I fought back the feeling of completely crying!

Both: we loved walking out to take pictures and opening the doors to where the guests were and they were all really into competing in their  Jenga and cornhole games! We were so happy to see everyone having a great time and not sitting around waiting for us to finish with pictures!

What do you want to always remember from your wedding day?

That this is a day you never get back. It’s a day that brings lots of planning and lots of stress but in the end the memories and bringing family and friends together from across the world to celebrate is priceless.

“IF I only I knew!” what is one piece of advise you would give to brides planning their wedding day?

I would strongly recommend a wedding planner to assist with coordinating things and taking the stress off the bride. I would also recommend asking the church or venue lots of questions as you pick the date of your wedding. We did not realize when we picked our date that because it was so close to Easter and during Lent that the church had certain rules. It all went fine but I would ask all the questions you can think of!

Where are you going on your honeymoon?

Paris and London!!!!

Any other extra details?

We rented a beach house through Stockton Realty in Ponte Vedra so everyone could have a great time on the water and the groomsmen who flew in from out of town not only had a place to stay but also a place to sit and catch up like old times. It was one of the best decisions we made!

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