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November 7, 2014

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Lewis and Andrea had a gorgeous sunset wedding up in Amelia Island at the Omni. With friends and loved ones surrounding them, they partied till the wee hours of the night, and then I am betting, partied some more!  Andrea picked a gorgeous fall palette of purples, and creams, which fit her perfectly.  This was a ridiculously fun one for Ashley and I!

Andrea + Lewis- I am so unbelievably happy for you both! Lewis, your first look will forever go down in history, as the best one ever!  Your love and adoration for your wife is palpable! I wish a lifetime of love and happiness for you both, but also a lifetime of fun…which looks to me like you two have handled! I love you both! Thank you for allowing us to be part of your amazing love story!

Their Fabulous Team of Vendors

Rehearsal Venue – Sunrise Cafe, Omni Amelia Island Plantation     Ceremony & Reception Venue – Omni Amelia Island Plantation Resort      Florals & Design – Heidi Higginbotham of Foxy Posh Events     Entertainment – RiverTown Band      Coordinator – Toast Events     Cake – Bliss Cupcakery     Makeup – Maureen Riley Makeup     Hair – Salon Ella Par     Dress – The White Magnolia     Bridesmaids Dresses – Bella Bridesmaids      Invitations- Things Very Special 


Pure Sugar Studios_Omni Wedding__0622.jpg
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Pure Sugar Studios_Omni Wedding__0586.jpg
I knew this was going to be a fantastic wedding group when Andrea pulled out the George Costanza!
Pure Sugar Studios_Omni Wedding__0587.jpg
Pure Sugar Studios_Omni Wedding__0588.jpg
Pure Sugar Studios_Omni Wedding__0589.jpg
Pure Sugar Studios_Omni Wedding__0590.jpg
Pure Sugar Studios_Omni Wedding__0591.jpg
Pure Sugar Studios_Omni Wedding__0592.jpg
I love her Grandmothers face when she see’s the “old” on her bouquet! Her Grandmothers nursing pin.

Pure Sugar Studios_Omni Wedding__0593.jpg
Pure Sugar Studios_Omni Wedding__0594.jpg

Pure Sugar Studios_Omni Wedding__0595.jpg
I love when my couples see each other before hand, because I think getting spend more time with your soon to be spouse is the best way to spend your day. I get asked a lot if the first look is as emotional as a walk down the aisle…I will let these images do the talking!
Pure Sugar Studios_Omni Wedding__0596.jpg
Pure Sugar Studios_Omni Wedding__0597.jpg
Pure Sugar Studios_Omni Wedding__0598.jpg
Pure Sugar Studios_Omni Wedding__0599.jpg
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Pure Sugar Studios_Omni Wedding__0636.jpg
Its too bad Lewis is shy, and uncomfortable on the dance floor!

Pure Sugar Studios_Omni Wedding__0637.jpg
Pure Sugar Studios_Omni Wedding__0638.jpg
Pure Sugar Studios_Omni Wedding__0639.jpg
Pure Sugar Studios_Omni Wedding__0640.jpg
Pure Sugar Studios_Omni Wedding__0641.jpg
The best part of working with The Rivertown Band is when they have the couple call some of their bridal party up on stage to sing with them. Lewis and Andrea asked my Brother {never a good move} andrea’s sister, and Lewis’s groomsman Matt. Its too bad they were all so shy…

Pure Sugar Studios_Omni Wedding__0643.jpg
Pure Sugar Studios_Omni Wedding__0644.jpg
Pure Sugar Studios_Omni Wedding__0645.jpg

Pure Sugar Studios_Omni Wedding__0642.jpg

How did you two meet?
Lewis and I met at a party through mutual friends in 2008. At the time I was living in St. Simons Island, Georgia. Several years later I moved back to Jacksonville for a job opportunity. After being here for a couple of months, I was driving home from work and passed this shirtless hunk running down Hendricks Avenue. Ooooh la la!
As I nearly ran off the road I realized who it was! A few days later we struck up a conversation via facebook, mostly making fun of my teenage behavior just days earlier. Then we went on our first date. Lewis showed up at my house with a bottle of wine, and then took me to dinner where he had already made reservations. Reservations! This guy might be a keeper! 🙂
How did he propose?
Well, let me start by saying I almost ruined it. It was a Wednesday and I wasn’t feeling well. I sent Lewis a text to tell him that I was going to take some work home so that I would be more comfortable. In true, sweet Lewis fashion he responded with “I hope you feel better gorgeous. I’ll see you in a little while.” In reality, he was freaking out because he had planned to be waiting on me when I got home from work to propose!!
He came home from work a little early to meet the maintenance man. At the time I was in a light slumber on the couch. Actually, I was in one of those deep sleeps that leaves you with pillow wrinkles and mascara streaked down your face. I also – for reasons which still escape me – was wearing a pair of cheesy boxers that I bought in the little girls section of Old Navy circa 1998. No joke. I actually stood up for a stretch and Lewis remarked, “Eeeerrr, nice shorts.” That was the first moment that I’d really noticed how ridiculous (and small!) they were.
Fast forward a few minutes later. Lewis sat by me on the couch. Our dog, Webster, jumped up in my lap and I noticed he was wearing his collar. This is normal in most homes, but Webster is a weird little guy – he does not like his collar. So, we only put in on him when we absolutely have to. I asked Lewis why he put his collar on and he responded, “I don’t know. Cuz I felt like it.” I’m thinking “…ooookaaay?” Then Lewis asked me if I wanted to take Webster on a walk. Which again was odd because Webster hates being on a leash even more than wearing a collar, and Lewis knew I wasn’t feeling well. After I declined with attitude, Lewis jingled Webster’s collar. That’s when I saw the ring!!! I immediately started crying, then I said yes, and then he got on one knee and asked me to marry him. Who says order is important??
Our favorite time together is when we are in our home with Webster cuddled up on the couch watching meaningless television. For Lewis to propose in that moment was the most perfect surprise ever. I would not have it any other way – pillow wrinkles, cheesy boxers and all. We are getting MARRIED!
How did you choose your theme? Flowers? and overall wedding design?
I originally wanted to do charcoal and coral-ish. But then I walked into Bella Bridesmaid to look for dresses and the deep purple lace dress stole the show! At that point I switched to charcoal and purple. My florist assisted me with overall wedding design.

What was the best part of your wedding day?
The best part of my day was the first look with my almost-husband. I didn’t know what to expect from him, but his reaction was priceless. It was like he was seeing me for the first time in years!

What do you want to always remember from your wedding day?
The moment when Lewis and I and all of our closest friends were on stage (or right at the stage) singing with the band. It was such a great moment and thanks to your videos, I will never forget it!
“IF I only I knew!” what is one piece of advise you would give to brides planning their wedding day?
If you venue provides a “day-of coordinator” but your initial visits with them leave you wanting more…go ahead and hire your own planner. I did this late in the game and she was AMAZING. I wish she’d been by my side the whole planning process.

And where are you going on your honeymoon?
We went to Zoetry Paraiso de la Bonita in Riviera Maya, Mexico. It was AWESOME.

any extra notes or details {I try to cover everything in the blog post, so let me know any good details}
Hmmm…my dad built the arbor we were married under and I carried my mom’s nursing school pin as my something old and something blue. 🙂

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