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September 3, 2010

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I know, I was so excited for the kids to be back in school- and honestly, life is almost back to normal around the house. But, somedays, I cant believe how fast time flies- where did the summer go?! I read a quote a few weeks ago about days going by so slowly, but years going by so fast {I am paraphrasing here}- but its so true! When the kids where newborns and I was in that sleep deprived fog I would dream about the day when they could just sit and play and I did not have to eat again. But now, as I watch the kids run through my house, and talk about homework, and youtube, and where they want to go to college- I cant help but wonder how did all that just zoom by me- and I know I am not alone in that feeling!
It seems that the daily monotony- packing lunches, folding laundry, cooking dinner, seems to be so circular in nature- but when I look back at summer, it seems that I blinked and all the vacations are done, and that the pools are closing up, and I am planning the last “beach weekend”. These are the days that I feel like I need to sit back and relish in the small moments more often {If I only had a $1 for every time I thought that}! So, here is my first month of The Happiness Project- and its something I think I can actually stick to-

Keeping life in persepctive- and enjoying all the SMALL things daily life has to offer

You know what I mean- the knock knock jokes that your kids tell you {dont worry, I plan to share those next week}, the crazy desserts we create, even the messy rooms I have to clean {I am sure there are loads of “empty nesters” out there who wish they had a room to clean}. I am hoping to take the month of September and ENJOY the small stuff- and try not to sweat all that unimportant stuff too.  Fall is the time for families, and adventures, and I am hoping to enjoy more of those!

A final pic of summer, the kids at the pool enjoying some underwater photography- what a blast! I think it was the MOST fun I had all summer!

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