Fluffy Friday 3/28/14

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fluffy friday


1: Well said Mr. Loubie !!  //  2. The Divine outfit //  3. I love some Tory // 4. The Perfect Cream //  5. Romantic Cuff Links // 6. Divine shoes


Well, its that time of the week where I go off topic. This week, I have picked some random things that I have fallen in love with in life…and on Pinterest!


1) Sigh, I love me some heels. I love the way the look, I love the way they make me look. But, lets be honest, they are NOT comfy! I think Mr. Loubie says it very well, but I kind of disagree- I guess it depends where I die 🙂

2) I LOVE THIS SHIRT! LOVE IT! i don’t even want to price it, because I know I will be sad. But if I ever walk the Red carpet, this is EXACTLY what I will wear!
3) Tory Burch- enough said. And while these are heals, a wedge is so comfy and so perfect for summer! Well done Tory, well done!

4) Do you own this cream? if not, go BUY it! do not pass go, go get it now! I actually had a hubby tell me about this cream {his grandmother gave it to him}. Perfect for burns, cuts, scrapes, chapped lips, skin irritations. Its amazing!

5) I love LOVE these! I think they are the perfect gift for a groom. And what about for a father, with his kids finger prints! so Romantic!

6) yeah, pretty amazing right. I won’t EVEN tell you how much they cost! But, Lord knows, they would look amazing with the black skirt in #2. Again, if I am ever on the red carpet…

Happy friday everyone!

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