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February 28, 2014

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So, its wedding season, ya’ll…and what does that mean? It means no rest for the weary! So Fluffy Friday is a little sparse today! But don’t worry, after my trip from Vegas I should be full of all kinds of good stuff! So this week I am doing a 5 for 5- 5 things I love, and 5 things I hate.


Lets start with Haters {bc I like to end positive}

1) Laundry- for about 2 seconds I was caught up, it was amazing, I think I heard angels singing, and then BOOM it was gone!

2) The RAIN- ok, I know we need it, but I need some sun in my pictures {and in my life} I am hoping for a bit of a rain break!

3) The VS catalog came this week- and why is the hate? Bc that means I have to get this curvalicious body into a swim suit- YIKES!

4) The d4s was announced this week, and while it makes me happy, it makes me so mad…bc I can’t figure out how to justify it!


And now for some lovin’

1) I leave for Vegas for WPPI in 48 hours- I am beyond excited!! I can’t wait to see speakers, and wonder the trade show, and just have loads of eye candy to enjoy!!

2) Spring is here! While its been rainy, today is majestic and it reminds that spring is on its way!

3) My husband does Laundry…umm, see #1 above, thanks Babe for being, well A.W.E.S.O.M.E.

4) Sidecar post on creative live- if you are a photographer and have not watched this {especially weddings} then you have missed the boat! it will blow.your.mind. I promise!

5) WPPI! See post #1- I am so freaking excited to be revitalized, reorganized, and re-energized as busy season kicks off. Can’t wait!

Whew! There you have it, not over enlightening this week, but hey, I am ready for the weekend! happy Friday ya’ll!

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