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February 21, 2014

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The beauty of being a wedding photographer is the down time…of course, I have learned in Florida, there really is no such thing. But, if you can say we have a season, march 1st starts it, and so this is my last wedding of Kelly time. Of course, Mark also sees it as “Mark + Kelly” time, and since I love him so much, I am calling it our time too. So what does one do with a WHOLE WEEKEND off? Well, I plan to cook some yummies, and drink some yummies to! One of Marks favorite jokes about me is I don’t drink anything simple {Um, thats because I am an overly complex ADD woman, but I digress}. I often remind him, I do drink wine, which is simple. But, with the weather warming up, and getting to spend more time outside, I love a good evening cocktail on my free Saturday nights! So, this weeks issue of Fluffy Friday, is all about cocktails!

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one // two // three // four // five


** for #3 the recipe is whipped cream vodka, orange juice and sprite

** for #4 they put the vodka recipe in sturdy ziplocs {I would go with true ziplocs here} and then freeze- how cool is that!


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