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November 1, 2013

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They are growing up so fast…breaks my heart. My little minion, and my Mad hatter, gorgeous as always.

Dear Ash and hay,

I know you feel like my eyes are always behind this big black box, and I know this time of year it seems so unfair. I often wonder if you will know how much photographing you two meant to me, as I have watched you grow. From baby girls I held in my arms, to the little woman you are becoming, I see so much beautifulness in you both. Sometimes I dont know how else to grab it and hold onto it except behind the camera. I am not sure that a moment goes by that I dont thank God for all that you have brought to me. Ashleigh, your gentle spirit warms my heart. On the outside the tough exterior gives way to heart of pure gold. And Haylee, your energy and fire is untouchable. Your sweetness is almost as good as a 5 tired layered cake. The two of you are two halves to my whole, a part of me, I see so much of myself in you two and while sometimes that scares the living daylights out of me, it also makes me proud. You two are amazing, remember to be amazing to each other.

All my love,



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