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February 11, 2015

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One of the biggest questions I get asked, is how to back up files. And honestly, I can’t stress enough, backing up is CRUCIAL. Like coffee in the morning, and brushing your teeth, its a necessity. Because anyone in the technology world will tell you, drives fail, computers fail, things break. And trust me, losing years worth of photos is not only gut wrenching, but heart breaking!
Of course, my first piece of advice is PRINT THEM. Get those beauties off your computer and onto your walls. Trust me, you will enjoy them so much more! But, of course not everything can be framed, or put up, so my #1 suggestion for back up? dropbox! if you aren’t using Dropbox you have totally missed the boat and I am about to tell you why!
  1. you are not responsible to maintain the drive- thats right, you have to maintain everything else in your life, so take this one small {but so crucial} thing off your plate
  2. It functions like a TRUE drive on your computer- you can  see it on your hard drive, and it functions just like an external. You can even set up your own file structure. But…you don’t have to maintain it {see #1} and see image below.
  3. You can access your files ANYWHERE! only have your phone? well thats easy! just download the app! Can only get online, perfect, it has a website. As long as you have internet access you can get to any files you have saved there. And if you have the drive structure on your computer, then you can even see them all when you are offline.
  4. They have a free plan, and a paid plan- depending on how much storage you need you can decide which works for you. I do the paid bc I back up loads of stuff, but see what works for you!
  5. You can share the folders- all you have to do is send a link to someone and they can download and view as well! I share all my album layouts with my album company this way. And the best part is, I can view the layouts at home, or in my office, or ANYWHERE!
If you have not tried this, I can say without a doubt it will change your life! Ok, so its not new car worthy, but trust me, if you lose those photos, you will look back and see how powerful this one small tool is!
dropbox sample

dropbox sample

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