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September 14, 2009

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I debated a long time about what to call this post- it seems that you guys are as excited about the title as you are about the images! But, of all the titles I could come up with, the one that worked the best was about Johnna’s smile- it was RADIANT! I mean, seriously, her smile just lit up the whole room – or in this case, the street. Johnna and her fiancee, Stewart met up with me out at Atlantic Beach. Now, Johnna is perfectly comfortable in front of the camera, as I said a gorgeous smile that is completely contagious. Stewart, on the other hand, was very weary of our session, and kept saying he takes a horrible picture. Now, internet world, I ask you? Is he photogenic, or what? I dont think I got a bad one of him during the whole session. The two of them worked so well together, and enjoyed each others company so much! I had such a great afternoon with them!

I know you two are sneaking off soon- I hope that your week is as perfect as can be, and that you two have an amazing time..CONGRATULATIONS!

Hope you enjoy your sneak peak!

  1. johnna says:


    these pictures are AMAZING!!!!! boy, did stewart have us fooled. . . quite the natural!!! you made it such a great experience for both of us. now we are ready for the big day in mexico. . just wish you were going! thank you again and again for capturing our love! j

  2. esta chapman says:

    hey, remember me i am johnna’s mother. wow, did you make those two look good!!! these are the best pictures i have ever seen….well she is my daughter!!! ha! the scenery was PERFECT!!!!!!!!! so perfect for the two of them. stewart had no turtle head at all. actually he looked like he had just stepped out of GQ!!! model perfect!! YOU ARE AMAZING!!!! thank you soooo much for these. we are so happy we found you to preserve all these precious moments. you are so special!

  3. marnie says:

    wow – perfect shots, and you two look so beautiful! she really catured the fun of your personalities. what a great smile… love to you both!

  4. pamela says:

    love them!!! especially the one of both of you leaning against the red wall ~ my absolute favorite! love your expressions & you both look beautiful :)!!!

  5. Teri Mason says:

    these are great! love the one with the big laugh! they look so in love!

  6. Joy Vertz says:

    what a fantastically fun session! I love the color, composition and expression! You know how to make everyone look their best! Bravo!

  7. Megan Peck says:

    these are FABULOUS!!!! you are so right, her smile is a knock out, so radiant. Love your color in these, nice and rich.

  8. Stephanie says:

    LOVE THEM! You TOTALLY captured Johnna’s personality, she just shines! Great pictures, she and Stewart are incredible together!

  9. Andi Diamond says:

    OMG- these are UH-mazing! And yes, I can feel the joy in her smile! This session looks like you all had so much fun! And he is so photogenic, too!

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