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May 28, 2013

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When I met with Jenn and her mom, I knew if I had to work on Mothers Day, this was the family I wanted to do it for- it was love at first site! Their wedding did not disappoint- these two were so smitten with each other, and their families were so amazing to work with! Jennifer is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside, and Brandon was so in love with her, that it made my heart sing! And my sweet sweet flower girl, I am pretty sure that while Jennifer was a gorgeous bride, she stole the show!

Jennifer and Brandon- I hope you two have enjoyed every moment of married life! Remember its a winding and crazy road, but its a great journey together!

Ceremony The White Room   Reception The White Room

Design The Conservatorie   Entertainment McGhee Entertainment

Hair and Makeup Amanda Hopcraft


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How did you two meet? We met at school through a mutual friend from MS (he was an usher).  We were friends for a few months and I quickly fell for him.

How did he propose?  He proposed on Nov. 17th in New Orleans at the color run.  He faked an injury at the last mile of the race and told me to run ahead with my best friend and MOH brittany and he was standing at the finish line with my parents with a huge sign that said “Jennifer, Will you marry me?” I was taken by complete surprise and it was perfect.

How did you choose your theme? Flowers? and overall wedding design?  I always knew I wanted to have a southern feel being a  MS girl and all and I love all things vintage so the rustic chic burlap and lace and mason jars evolved.  My friends make fun of me for never wearing color and loving all neutrals so the light pinks and peach tones were a big leap of faith in the conservatorie for me..but they were absolutely PERFECT.

What was the best part of your wedding day? The best part of my day was the reveal hands down.  I was so excited and nervous to see him and it was such a perfect moment.

What do you want to always remember from your wedding day?  I think that moment (the reveal) is the one thing I always want to remember, because that’s a feeling the two of you will only share once.

“IF I only I knew!” what is one piece of advise you would give to brides planning their wedding day? This would have to be that it’s ok to stress the week, month, or even year ahead but that to let it go on your big day.  I had no idea how wonderful that day would be and how stressed I WOULDN’T be.

And where are you going on your honeymoon? We moved but next year we hope to take a fabulous trip to Belize next year for our anniversary.

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