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October 11, 2013

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I think one of the downsides of getting older is how fast time seems to move. I remember being in school and thinking it would be FOREVER till I went to college, and now I am getting ready to go celebrate my 20 year pledge class reunion with my Zeta Sisters at UF {ZETA LOVE} next month.  I suppose thats part of the reason I do what I do- I forget so much {my kids tell me it must be because I am SO old, I say its because I am so busy} and photography is a way to remember all that seems to escape me. I am sitting at my desk, glancing {ok staring} out the window, and the leaves are turning orange, and the sky is that amazing fall blue, and this week I even wore a sweater. We are almost a quarter into school, and halloween decor is up in a full swing….and I am wondering where 2013 went! Am I alone in that? Does anyone else every get to feeling that way? Kind of like life is passing me by, and in some ways I am knee deep in the thick of it, and in other ways, I am sitting on the sidelines. I keep hearing its your 30’s- they are busy, with work, with kids, with LIFE. But today I am wishing life would let me be for awhile. So, in the spirit of all that, I am posting my favorite time wasters- those things that are a total waste of “valuable” time but make life so worth living {and no sweetie, laundry is NOT on my list}.


1) Reading- I love LOVE to read. I am not sure there is any better feeling then when a book sucks you in and the “movie” starts to play in your head. If you are lucky, you find one that you plan your day around, because getting back to that book is life or death. Of course, then it ends, and you have to find a new one. That always makes me so sad…

2) Cooking- and I dont mean cooking dinner- I mean cooking something fun and extravagant, something totally out of the ordinary. For me, this will be macaroons in about 50 days. I cant WAIT!

3) Dinner out- I love LOVE eating out. There is something about not having to clean up after your own mess that just makes it so decadent. And I love doing it on a Sunday!

4) walking when its cold- and I dont mean working out walking- I mean walking through an art show, or along the beach. Something where you feel the wind on your face, and just take in that one moment.


And now, what I don’t think is a good use of my time…

1) Laundry- YUCK YUCK YUCK! I am pretty sure doing laundry is worse than scrubbing a toilet..with a toothbrush {not that I do that either}

2) ironing- see #1

3) getting gas in my car- why do I hate this so MUCH?!?! Sometimes I feel like I am about to push the car, on fumes, into the gas station! And I do it every time….


So there you have it, my Fluffy friday ramblings… I hope that you find all kinds of things this weekend that make you heart sore, and I hope you dont do laundry, or iron. Because really, is it that bad to wear your bathing suit bottom as underwear!

Happy friday!



And because every post is better with an image, here is my dream laundry room and I am pretty sure, if I had it, I would love laundry…



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