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Makeup Monday

March 16, 2015

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It’s Makeup Monday! Today, it’s all about the airbrush!

Ladies, let’s be real. You live in Florida, and if you don’t live here…you chose to get married here. So, this may be especially important for any bride’s traveling from out of state that may not be familiar with how hot and humid it can get here. When you think about your wedding photos, I hope you image all the beauty that they will encompass…which is exactly what I set out to capture each and every time, with every single bride. What is not very flattering is when you have chosen to forgo professional makeup, or you didn’t get airbrush and then you are dripping sweat after your gorgeous outdoor ceremony.

Two things:

1. You need to hire a professional. I can not stress this enough.

2. You should most certainly be getting airbrush on your wedding day.

Airbrush makeup will last you all day while getting ready, through the ceremony and long into the reception, heck, I am quite positive if you hire the RIGHT professionals, you will wake up the day after your wedding and still look this good!

How stunning is my gorgeous bride, Tracy on her wedding day? Jill Stonier did a FABULOUS job on her makeup, and it truly shows in all of her photos.

If you’re my bride and need a recommendation for a makeup artist, just ask!

To see more of Tracy’s gorgeous wedding day, click here.



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