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March 30, 2015

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I sat this weekend thinking what I most wanted to say about hair and makeup as a review, since we are at the end of the Makeup Monday series, I decided sharing my fave tips would be perfect! I am thinking it may be a good summary of some of what I have chatted about- and some additional highlights. Again, hair, and especially makeup can make or break your big day, so I hope some of these tips work for you!

1) Tanning- I am hitting this right away because its that important! Make sure all tanning and sunning is done at least 4 days before your wedding! If your dress is strapless, then please wear a strapless bikini. These are all things that are so simple, but can make you look just that much better on your wedding day. As I said in the post on tanning, its better to be your natural creamy complexion then have crazy tan lines, or orange marks from spray tans

2) Hair- the up do versus the down…the biggest piece if advice I can give you on this, is make sure you still look like you! I had one bride last year who did an updo, that could be taken partially down for her reception, and it was perfect! I loved that she got two looks out of the same hair do! Spend lots of time looking at different styles, there are so many to choose from- but, make sure you hair matches your wedding style, and your hair texture. And remember extensions can be an excellent tool to create the look you want/

3) Lashes- There is not ONE item I could suggest more than lashes. I am a huge fan of lash extensions, I used them when I went to Paris, and they are amazing! I swear, they changed the whole look of my eyes! I wish I had lashes like that all the time {but thats a different post}. I think extensions are really great if you are going on your honeymoon right away, because they last three weeks!

If you are not a fan of lash extensions, then I would suggest the daily lashes, the glue on kind. I cannot stress enough that lashes open your eyes, make them pop, and give your eyes a sparkle. Enough said!

4) Trial run- Makeup and hair are, in my opinion, some of the fun things a bride gets to do on her wedding day. IN wedding planning there is so much “stuff” that brides get bogged down in, and hair and makeup are the relaxing part of the whole day. I think when you get to have a solid trial run {and I always suggest taking some photos of it afterwards} will reduce that stress even more. Splurge on a trial run, because you dont want to find out you are not happy with your makeup on the day of.

5) Professional- Of all the tips, this is the most important! Please, please hire someone for hair and makeup. If you best friend is a make up artist {or hair stylist} and she has been doing your hair for years, then let her do it- but only if she is not a bridesmaid too! The wedding day is filled with lots of hurrying up, lots of stress, and lots of emotion. Having someone in your getting ready room that you trust, and that you know will make you look stunning will go a long way to relaxing you! Hair and Makeup can push your whole day behind, which then cuts into photos, and dancing and partying time! A professional will keep your timeline moving, and keep you look perfect!

6) Airbrush- what I know about airbrushing you could fit in a thimble. But, I do know, that for 95% of the skin types, it  will last longer than any other foundation. For some brides, this is especially important because it gets so warm here in the summer months, anything that stays on longer is a welcome addition!

7) Lipstick and gloss- During your trial, you should find the perfect lip look {another plus of the trail}. I usually suggest you go and purchase this so you have enough of it for your wedding day. That way, we can carry it with us, and have all day long for touch ups. Also, the lipstick color you choose should be one that looks amazing on you, not necessarily one that matches your bides maid colors, or your flowers. This way, you also a new fabulous color to take with you on your honeymoon! Fresh glossy lips look amazing in photos, and keep a bride feeling gorgeous all day!

So there you have it! We have come to the end of March for Makeup Mondays! Hopefully these are tips this will help you plan for your big day!




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