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May 24, 2016

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A classic spring River House Wedding in St. Augustine

In Florida, the most beautiful time of year to get married is Spring, I am just sure of it. Not a cloud in the sky, and if you are lucky, a nice cool breeze. The grass is just growing back, and trees are in bloom, and its a new beginning, just like marriage. This couple completely lucked out in the weather department, good quite possibly be one of the best weather days ever, especially down by the water at the River House!

Marissa and Kevin got ready at the Bayfront Inn, close to each other, so they could do a first look, and so we could spend some time getting photos downtown. After,  we made our way to the River House for their ceremony, they were surrounded by friends and family as they signed their Katuba, and repeated their vows. As the sun set, we snuck outside for a few more photos, and some alone time- well for the two of them!

These two partied, and danced, and enjoyed their first day as husband and wife. Marissa, you were stunning, I hope you know what an amazing bride you made, and what an amazing wife you will be- Kevin is one lucky man. And while the first few months of marriage, have given you two challenges, know that it only makes your marriage stronger. Love you both!

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I love the pink of the dress with the bling of her ring!

Pure sugar studios_theriverhouse_staugustine__0005.jpg

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I love that moment before a bride puts on her dress. So much goes into dress selection, and they have this whole dream of what it will be like on the wedding day. You can sense how excited they are to see the whole day start…

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The best part of getting ready? everyone’s tears! Ash and I always say we love tears, the more the merrier!

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My absolute favorite shot of the day. St. Augustine is so divine…Pure sugar studios_theriverhouse_staugustine__0023.jpg
Pure sugar studios_theriverhouse_staugustine__0024.jpg
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The one thing about the south is its lack of peonies…seriously the best flower…EVER!Pure sugar studios_theriverhouse_staugustine__0030.jpg
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Another Fave from the day…I love these flower girls watching from the side.

Pure sugar studios_theriverhouse_staugustine__0069.jpg
Pure sugar studios_theriverhouse_staugustine__0070.jpg
Pure sugar studios_theriverhouse_staugustine__0071.jpg
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Pure sugar studios_theriverhouse_staugustine__0086.jpg
Pure sugar studios_theriverhouse_staugustine__0087.jpg

Pure sugar studios_theriverhouse_staugustine__0088.jpg

Photography | Pure Sugar Studios

Ceremony | The River House

Reception | The River House

Catering | The Purple Olive

Florist | Celebrated Occasions

Coordination | Celebrated Occasions

Cake | Publix

Entertainment | Footloose

Makeup Artist | Kimtasha

Dress Salon | One Fine Day

Designer | James Clifford


How did you two meet?

Kevin went to a bar he’d never been to with a friend, and while ordering drinks he noticed a beautiful brunette dancing her heart out without a care in the world. Chance would have it, her friends had a table next to Kevin, and the first time she walked by Kevin offered to buy her a drink. That’s when he saw her smile, he knew he was in trouble then.

How did he pop the question?

Kevin took me to St. Augustine for our second date and for a good part of that date we sat on a bench on the waterfront and had our first kiss. He took me back to that same bench when he proposed. Afterward we went for a beautiful dinner then he surprised me by taking me to the bar we met at with all of our family and friends waiting for us.

The best moments of our wedding day?

The first look was probably our most cherished moment- seeing your best friend instantly calms any nerves. Our ceremony was incredible- the view was fantastic, and the love we felt not only from one another, but also from our family and friends was unforgettable. Dancing at our reception brought us back to the night we met. The perfect ending!

What photography advice would you offer to a couple?

Choose a photographer you are comfortable with, one that you can totally be yourself around. Anything wedding related is stressful and having a photographer that is laid back and doesn’t any more stress to the event is perfect.

How was your experience taking photos/working with me on your wedding day?

Easy, you made everything feel very natural for us. It was fun, I don’t think we even realized you were there most of the night.

Did we see each other before the wedding?

We did a first look and it was the best decision. It eased any stress we had the day of once we saw each other. It also allowed us to have a private moment that we will cherish forever.

Any tips on what to bring?

Champagne, handkerchief, Xanax?

One piece of advise for others on their wedding day?

The wedding weekend goes by so fast. Soak up every moment.

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