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Invites, or announcements? Which should you do?

Do you know the difference between graduation announcements and graduation invitations? Do you know when to send them or even what to send? Read on to get all the etiquette for Senior graduation!

A sample Senior boy graduation card for a senior guys photo shoot in Jacksonville Florida.

An invitation is sent specifically to invite someone to something such as your graduation ceremony or a graduation party. Sometimes high schools limit the amount of people each senior can invite to the actual graduation ceremony. If this is the case, be sure to explain the situation to close family and friends. They will understand, and probably love you for not making them sit through it 🙂

So… what about a party, to get everyone together! Having a party to celebrate your graduation will allow you to invite whoever you want and those that may not have been able to attend the actual ceremony. Graduation parties can be held on the day of graduation {but I would not suggest this} or in the days after the actual ceremony. The day of graduation is BUSY! You will be in such a rush, and will feel like you will have enough going on. But, just before, or just after the ceremony is perfect! We recommend planning in advance because there are lots of parties in those weeks surrounding graduation!

Invitations should be sent out at least 3-4 weeks prior to the event. This gives people plenty of notice so they can make sure to put it on their calendar and be able to attend the event. If you have relatives or friends that live far out of town where they would need to make travel arrangements, be sure to send their invitations out 4-6 weeks prior to the event. Be sure to include your name, a photo or photos of you, time, date, location, RSVP or Regrets with where to send those. Want to make it easy? Send a digital invite with a paper announcement. Whats an announcement? Keep reading!

A graduation announcement is sent to let people know of your accomplishment! Graduation is such an important milestone and people who know you will want to know! And let’s face it, mom and dad will be so excited to share this news!

Senior girls grad card sample with bright colors

A graduation announcement is sent for the following reasons:
1) To Share The News – Friends, family, relatives and anyone who helped or supported you through the years will be excited to know and feel special that you included them. To Say Thank You – A graduation announcement can be a way of thanking those that have been in your life and watched you grow.
2) To Keep Up With Tradition – It is a long standing tradition to announce your graduation and is most likely the first big announcement style correspondence you will send out. To Network – Never turn away a chance to network because you never know who can offer an opportunity.
3)To Create a Keepsake – A graduation invitation with your photo will be a keepsake for those that receive it as well as you and your parents. Display it on the fridge, keep it in a photo album and look back on it to remember this special time in your life.
So what do you include on the actual graduation announcement?
Your Full Name Graduation Year
Name of High School Future Plans (optional)
A photo or photos of you

Graduation announcements should be sent to family members, extended relatives, friends, teachers, classmates and anyone who would be happy to celebrate this accomplishment with you.
Graduation announcements do not typically invite someone to an event. Therefore, you have a wider timeframe to send them out. It is acceptable to send out graduation announcements anywhere between two weeks before the date of graduation to up to four weeks after the graduation ceremony.

No matter whether you send out invitations or announcements or both, remember this is an accomplishment that should be celebrated and those on your list will be excited and honored to celebrate with you!

If you need to order graduation announcements or invitations, along with stickers and labels, please let me know! I have many designs to choose from as well as custom creations just for you!

want more info about graduation etiquette? Download our guide here!

Sample graduation card and announcement

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