5 Things You Should NEVER Do Before Your Senior Photo Session

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August 30, 2022

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Here’s the deal… your senior pictures are how you document this incredible time in your life and we know that you want to look flawless without looking like you tried too hard, right? We can totally help you with that with 5 things NOT to do before your senior photos! Prepping for their session is where most seniors over think it and end up ruining their senior pics instead of getting that portrait perfect look. Sometimes you may wanna end your year with a bang, but just before your senior pics ISN’T THE TIME. Trust us, here!

Let’s talk about 5 things you DON’T want to do before your senior portrait session:

1. Self-Tanning: spray, airbrush, or any faux tanner can leave you looking orange and can make your ankles, wrists, and knuckles even look dirty. Ew. We get you want to look like you’ve just returned from the Bahamas, but you want to be VERY careful with this. We’ve seen messy wrists, knuckles, and ankles because the color can settle into the creases and wrinkles and it can look rough, friends. If you decide that a sunny glow is the look you want, please go pro! Find someone who can match your skin undertones with your tan, so it looks natural and healthy, and not too warm for your skin tone. Our local fave? Erin does an amazing job!

2. A Big Chop: don’t cut your hair any more than a refreshing trim right before your session. If you hate your new do, it’ll be documented forever in your pictures. Save the big chop for the summer before you leave for college.

3. Drastic Dye: the same goes for hair color. Freshen up your look with your usual color / highlights, but don’t make a drastic change. It could not only shock you, but could also change the way your skin tones look, depending on the color of your hair.

4. Skin Peels: just say no to facial peels 3 weeks before your session. It could leave your face red, blotchy and even peeling. Nobody wants to look like beef carpaccio for their senior pics, right?

5. Face Routine Roulette: trying new facial products could leave your skin looking dry or even worse, with a huge breakout. Yikes! Your skin could even develop a rash from new chemicals, so just save your new routine for post session. Do however, make sure you are moisturized because a moisturized face is a happy face!

So there you have it! Stay away from committing these pre-session sins and you’ll be ready to go for your big day! Want some extra tips on how to prep for your senior session!? Sign up for our FREEBIE here.

  1. Susan says:

    Love this post about what not to do before your Senior Portrait Session–especially about the fake tan!

  2. Brandi says:

    Perfect advice for seniors just before their senior pictures! Definitely trust a professional for all tanning matters! You don’t want to look dirty in your senior photos.

  3. Such great reminders on how to prep for senior pictures and what NOT to do! So important!

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