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September 10, 2020

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Books, doughnuts, PROPS, OH MY!

Right after, “what should I wear to our session”, the most asked question I get is, “what should I bring”? We will keep adding to this list, but one of the things I always recommend are PROPS! Props help to take your session from good, to GREAT, because they tell your story! The fun thing about being a senior is you are wrapping up one story {your high school years} and starting a new one!

These last 12 years have had many ups and downs, and many changes, but they have shaped you, and this is your chance to tell that story. Now, I don’t recommend a prop in every photo, but using them will add your personality and style which will make the session more about you. Here are a few ideas to think on, and get some ideas, but you can head over to our pinterest board to get more!

  • Do you play a sport? Bring some equipment, your ribbons, a team jacket or shirt.
  • Love baking? Make your face cupcakes, and lets get some of those!
  • Play an instrument? lets show that!
  • Love to travel? Maybe a vintage suitcase, an old map or postcards form your favorite location
  • Is music your thing? lets add some airpods, or beats, and a record album!
  • Love your car? I get it, lets showcase it, someday you will love to look back and see your car!
  • Do you sing? act? bring a costume you have worn, or your playbills. or a microphone
  • Love makeup? bring ALL your crazy palettes! They add so much color!
  • Obsessed with a certain food or drink? dunkin’ or starbucks are great choices but cereal and candy work too!
  • Love photography? I have loads of vintage and polaroid cameras we can add, but you may have some too!
  • Artist at heart? let’s add some blank canvases and paint, or use whatever your medium is!
  • Love to read, or at the top of your class? Lets get some fun books, and sheets of print! Add your favorite subject or books!
  • Love flowers, camping, shopping, or your dogs?? whatever it is, lets have some fun and make it personal!

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