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March 11, 2011

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Mark and I packed our bags in the last week of February to head out to Las Vegas for the annual WPPI convention. Boy does flying across country stink! I swear it took longer to get to Vegas then it did to get to LA- but on the up side, we make up 3 hours!~

We got to the conference, and I headed out to meetings, and Mark hit the gym. He was so excited to have ALONE time! You know, between work, and kids, and life, somehow there does not seem to be much time for ourselves.  Luckily this trip was packed with it! We stayed at the MGM grand, and Mark even did a little gambling. Sunday night we dined at one of my all time favorite restaurants- Bouchon Bistro. Its in the Venetian, and is so unbelievably fabulous, its worth it just to eat there! After and incredible glass of wine {picked by my Sommelier, Mark}, I had some of the most amazing Quiche ever. Now, because I have the cookbook, I know that it takes 48 hours to make this sucker- and its worth EVERY STINKIN’ MINUTE! It melts in your mouth- pure heaven! I completed my delicious journey with a peanut butter and jelly Pot de creme. Ummm- can you say DIVINE! Seriously, it was one of the best meals I have ever eaten! If you like to cook, I highly recommend the award winning book by Thomas Keller Bouchon.

The rest of the week was classes, classes and trade shows- a two part trade show. I was in photography heaven- much to my credit {and Marks} dismay!  But, I got some fabulous new items that I am so excited about- the new lensbaby, the hoodman attachment for video, new tripod, and light stand, and FINALLY High speed pocket wizards! I can’t wait to break them all out!

The last day, Mark and I did some sightseeing. We popped into Ceasers Palace to hit Vosage {bc you know how I feel about that place} and swung by the Bellagio to watch the fountain, and then stopped to eat at Mon Ami Gabi– another fabulous find {It seemed to be a heavily French trip}.  First off, the restaurant overlooks the fountain at Bellagio, so we got to watch it while we ate. And of course, since its one of the busiest spots on the strip, the people watching was AMAZING- I think we sat there for 3 hours! It was the perfect end to our trip.

…and then we flew home…well, after sitting in the airport for a better part of 5!!! hours.  And if you have been to Vegas, and seen the airport, then you can attest to the fact that its beyond boring! Even the starbucks closed at 6- can you even imagine!

Overall, I give WPPI 5stars, for all you photogs debating about going. We partied, and danced, ate, and sucked in an abundance of photography knowledge. Being surrounded by some of the most amazing photographers makes it an off the charts learning experience- we will be back next year! I cant wait!!

Our vaca in a few pics {wish I had taken more…}

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